15 Thanksgiving cakes because sometimes pie is just not enough

With all of the Christmas decorations out on full display — the day after Halloween — it’s easy to forget there is another holiday between now and December. You may not get to dress up in silly costumes or get gifts, but Thanksgiving is wonderful in its own right.

This year people are making Thanksgiving cakes along with pies.

Thanksgiving brings us together, which is something we need right now.

 Below are just a few amazing examples of Thanksgiving cakes that you can bust out next week.

 1. Turkey Surprise  

Impress your loved ones with a cake resembling a real turkey.

2. A Delicious Tree Stump

Another brilliant and creative idea, this whimsical stump looks like it tastes heavenly.

3. History

It’s also important not to forget history. Honor your ancestors!

4. Friendsgiving Treat

Rather than show up empty-handed to Friendsgiving, come prepared with something delicious and meaningful.

5. Build It Higher, They Will Come

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of tiers.

6. Pumpkin Time

It’s still technically pumpkin season so make the most of it!

7. Birthday Holiday

As a result of your friends having a holiday birthday, this cake gets double the use.

8. Fall Colors

It’s always a good idea to incorporate some fall colors into your desserts.

9. Details!

This cake is almost too inctricate to eat.

10. Cupcakes Are Allowed

Since cupcakes are just mini cakes, they totally pass the test.

11. Real Guests Bring Two Cakes

You want everyone to have a good time, so you bring two cakes. It’s simple math, people!

12. Red Velvet

This cake is totally mouthwatering.

13. Crumbly

Learning to make this cake is another trick you can add to your arsenal of cooking skills.

14. Cream Puff


In addition to being delicious, cream puffs are esthetically pleasing.

15. Realistic Design

You cannot go wrong with a little pilgrim girl holding a turkey.

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