15 impossibly cute puppies who will make you forget 2016 ever happened

Let’s just say it: 2016 hasn’t been an amazing year. It seems like every time we wake up, we’re faced with more tragedies that happened the night before. Our Facebook feeds are filled with anger and awareness, both which are incredibly important to voice and discuss. Every terrible event that has taken place this year — from the Pulse nightclub shooting and recent Fort Myers club shooting, to the senseless murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, to the loss of heroes like Prince and David Bowie — has unfortunately made it seem like our world is slowly spiraling out of control. It seems like negative news is just erupting on an hourly basis.

After such an emotional roller coaster, it’s kind of hard to bounce back and have any sort of optimism moving forwards. And, that’s completely understandable. We’re confused, and don’t feel safe. We’re afraid, and can’t shake our sadness.

So, here’s step one of trying to stay optimistic. And yes, it comes in the form of puppies. Since, well — puppies are the best animals to help cheer you up, and the fact that they’re adorable will put a smile on your face. Will puppies cure the horribleness in the world? Well, no — but they sure as hell won’t hurt. And, after absorbing the news around us, you might just need a big list full of puppies to help you clear your mind.

Here are 15 puppies that’ll remind you that deep down, the world is a good place.

1. Lawn Puppy

This little cutie will remind you that going outside and getting some fresh air will help you clear your head, if you’re feeling a bit down.

2. Cuddly Bed Puppy

Nothing is better than bedtime. Seriously, nothing.

3. Basket Puppy

You can transport this little guy anywhere.

4. Almond Breeze Puppy

Never before has almond milk been presented so adorably. This guy might just be the best spokesperson for this dairy-free alternative.

5. Tuckered Out Pup

This puppy just had a full day of play, and thinks enough is enough.

6. Pokémon-Esque Pup

Warning: Might chase after Poké Balls.

7. One Lucky Puppy

This gigantic bone will last, at least, a week.

8. Crazy Playful Pup

Just look at this goofball. Look at him. So cute.

9. Starbucks Pup

This puppy likely won’t share her drink with you. She needs her morning coffee to stay alert.

10. Puppy Buddies

Life is good when you have a friend by your side.

11. Hand-Held Puppy

…Anyone else have a sudden urge to adopt a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

12. Belly Rub Pup

It’s pretty obvious that this adorable puppy is begging for some pets. In person, it’s probably mighty hard to turn him down.

13. The French Bulldog Crew

These three are friends till the end.

14. “Having A Ball” Pup

There’s nothing better than an adorable Pekinese who’s ready to play.

15. Lumber Puppy

This Jack Russell Terrier is just chilling outside, being a big help at the lumber mill.

Feel slightly better? Good.

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