15 hot toddies that will make you feel so much better when you have the flu

Hate to break it to ya, but it’s flu season. The U.S. Centers for Disease Prevention and Control report that there are 10 states with high rates of the flu already, and we’re only 11 days into January and peak season hasn’t isn’t even upon us yet. Compared to last season, experts are saying that the outbreak of this year’s flu is already worse, and it will probably only get worse from here. One particular hospital in Olympia, Washington says it’s been chock-a-block full with people who are suffering from the flu or any other similar bacterial infection or virus.

It seems like no matter how hard you try to avoid the flu, there always comes a year when you end up in bed with a fever and a whole stack of flu-worthy movies and TV shows. Hopefully this winter season won’t have you curled up under the covers, but just in case you find yourself there, here’s a list of trusted hot toddies to nurse you back to health.  Toddies are an old-school remedy that do a lot more for the common cold and flu than you might think. All the hot steam helps clear your system out, and the ingredients like lemon and ginger get rid of mucus and boost your immune system. On top of all that, the alcohol decongests you, fights off infection, and helps you sleep. Oh, and did we mention? They taste ah-mazing.

Here are 15 hot toddies that will make you feel so much better when you have the flu.

1. Rum Hot Toddy


Everything you need for this healing elixir is probably already sitting in your kitchen, leftover from the holiday buzz.

2. Apple Brandy Hot Toddy


Try to get your hands on star anise for this one, because it adds a certain flavor you don’t want to miss out on. I suppose if you can’t find apple brandy, you can just use any kind of brandy that’s hanging around in the cupboard.

3. Coconut Chai Hot Toddy


Anything chai-flavored makes you feel like you’re in your childhood home again, and this toddy is made with creamy coconut milk, so it goes down like a dessert.

4. Blueberry Ginger Hot Toddy


Sounds like an odd combination, but it produces some dynamite results. Ginger and honey are two of the best ingredients to put into your body when you’re feeing under the weather. Combine that with blueberry and bourbon for an extra kick.

5. Gin Hot Toddy


Who knew orange and gin could be your greatest defense against the sniffles?

6. Creamy Hot Buttered Rum


Okay, so this looks like something they’d give you at Hogwarts if you’re feeling sick, so it must taste good. Spiced rum and cinnamon are the driving forces behind this magical beverage, and it’s good enough to share with your friends who are coming over to keep you company.

7. Caramel Coffee Toddy


Bailey’s caramel creme and coffee will give you some energy when you need it most, even if you use the motivation to stay up longer and finish out your Netflix queue.

8. Cranberry Hot Toddy


If you’re not a person who loves tangy flavors, don’t worry. You’ll still love this hot toddy, because it’s been sweetened to help it go down easier. Cranberries are anti-inflammatory and they have antioxidant properties as well. They’re also a good source of vitamin C and fiber. Drink up.

9. Earl Grey Hot Toddy


There’s a small amount of caffeine in earl grey tea, but not nearly as much as coffee, so this could be the perfect choice for you if that caramel coffee toddy doesn’t sound like the right fit.

10. Maple Ginger Hot Toddy


You can’t get more classic than this. Maple syrup, ginger tea, lemon, and maple bourbon are the only things you’ll need to sip your way back to glory.

11. Turmeric Hot Toddy


There’s been a lot of buzz recently around turmeric and its healing properties. It’s anti-inflammatory, and it can help heal a leaky gut and prevent heart disease. It use to be used as a medicine in and of itself. Might as well turn it into a delicious drink and let it do its work in your flu-ridden system.

12. Lavender Orange Hot Toddy


This sweet and colorful drink looks like something Katy Perry would have if she were stuck with the flu. Good enough for us. Besides, lavender is known to make you sleep like a baby.

13. Fireball Hot Toddy


Never had Fireball whiskey before? You can thank us later.

14. Vegan Red Wine Hot Toddy


Combine white rum and some leftover red wine along with all the other basics: maple syrup, lemon, ginger.

15. Cinnamon and Vanilla Hot Toddy


Nobody doesn’t like cinnamon and vanilla, especially when it looks as yummy as that. Curl up underneath a heating pad with this hot toddy, and see if it doesn’t make you feel at least a little bit better.

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