15 tiny happiness hacks to brighten your day

Today is International Day of Happiness, and there’s really only one way to celebrate — be happy! Maybe you don’t have the time or money to do something big to ignite your happy, like take a spontaneous road trip or start backpacking through Europe. But being happy doesn’t have to mean making drastic life changes or living your own version of Eat, Pray, Love. There are small things you can add to your to-do list in order have a totally happy Friday. Give these tiny happiness hacks a try! The only downside is that your cheeks might start to hurt from smiling.

Set your alarm clock for 10 minutes earlier than you really need to get up, just so you can experience the luxury of hitting the snooze button.

There’s no place like bed. There’s no place like bed. There’s no place like bed.

When picking out your outfit for the day, play one of your favorite upbeat songs. Then, when you’re trying on your various wardrobe options, you can pretend you’re in a movie makeover montage.

Extra points if you dramatically throw the rejected outfits on the floor (you can clean it up later).

Eat breakfast (and we don’t mean the sad little granola bar that’s been in the bottom of your purse for two weeks).

We know that our moms are always telling us to eat breakfast. But did you know that breakfast loyalists are all around healthier, have more energy, and even have better memories? So crack a few eggs and get your day started off on the right foot.

Make sure you’re #FeelingYourLook

Maybe skip the messy bun today and try a cool fishtail braid. Or throw on your favorite pair of high-tops. Or swipe on quick coat of your new black nail polish. When you know you look great, nothing can steal your shine. You might even get a killer #OOTD Instagram out of this fresh Friday look.

Have something juicy to tell your BFF? Actually pick up the phone and call her instead of firing off a quick text.

You definitely have five minutes to spare on your way to class, so pick up the phone and make a call. It will brighten your day just to hear her voice. Also, hearing your bestie laugh is ten times more fun than reading “LOL” on a tiny screen.

While on the phone with the BFF, make some exciting plans.

Is there a movie coming out next weekend that you’re dying to see? Or is there a concert this summer you could lock down advance tickets to? First, planning ahead of time usually means getting tickets before prices are hiked up. Second, this happiness hack doesn’t just make you smile today, it gets you excited for events happening two weeks from now.

Errands are unavoidable. So if you must attack your to-do list, #TreatYourSelf.

Need to go grocery shopping? Buy that favorite sugary cereal your mom never let you put in the cart. Need to pick up something at Walgreens? The perfect excuse to try a new drug store lipstick shade. Consider yourself treated.

SING-A-LONG.  In the shower. Shamelessly in your car. With your friends.

No explanation needed. You do not need an excuse to belt out Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”.

Have someone you love teach you something new.

Is your brother in a long-term relationship with his Xbox? Is your roommate totally gifted at the guitar? Ask your bro to teach your how to play a few rounds of Halo or have your roomie teach you a few easy chords. This happiness tip is a 2-for-1. You get to have fun stepping outside your comfort zone, while you make someone else feel good for showing you care about their interests.

Feeling down? Take a few minutes and write down your 6 favorite things about yourself.

It might sound conceited, but there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with reminding yourself how fabulous you really are.

Don’t eat peanut butter pretzels while Netflixing alone in your room and call that “dinner.”

Eat dinner with other human beings. Whether you’re munching on takeout or a beautiful home-cooked meal, have your food with a side of social interaction. Turn off the television and actually sit down with your fam or your roommates. Warning: Excellent conversations may occur.

Make a comprehensive list of your 20 favorite movies and why you love them so much.

Just thinking about the lift in Dirty Dancing will bring a smile to your face. Need help deciding what to watch tonight? Take your list, write each movie on a slip of paper, and pick out of a hat.

Do you have relative that lives out of state? A long-distance BFF? Write them a letter.

We know that sounds more old-fashioned than a hoop skirt, but hear us out. It feels so much more personal than an email. You can draw pictures, write on beautiful stationary, and the recipient will be so excited to receive a physical letter from you. They can hang it up on their fridge instead of just moving it to their “Trash” folder.

Do you have chores that need to be done? Complete them while having a spontaneous dance party.

Cleaning your room is 10,000 more fun when your dancing to “Uptown Funk.” Make sure you hit your hallelujah every time you toss a shirt into the laundry bin.

Most importantly, just laugh.

Watch your favorite stand-up comedian on YouTube. Challenge your best friend to a break dancing competition even though neither of you can break dance. Put a blanket on your cat’s head and watch her struggle to escape. Laughter is the ultimate happiness hack.

Happy International Day of Happiness! Now go get happy!

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