15 unexpectedly funny movies on Netflix you haven’t seen yet

You think you’ve seen all the best comedies there are to see on Netflix, right? Wrong. In reality, you’ve probably just scratched the tip of the funny iceberg. We’ve collected 15 Netflix comedies that are currently flying under the radar but certainly worth the watch if you’re in the mood to laugh until your stomach hurts.

There’s a little something for everyone on this list. Whether you’re into witty rom-coms, awkward mockumentaries, or if you gravitate more towards whacky slapstick humor. Even if foreign comedies are you THING, we’ve got you covered.

No more scrolling through the seemingly endless sea of Netflix comedies, and say goodbye to starting movies only to give up twenty minutes in because you have yet to crack a smile. One of the below movies might just become your new favorite go-to for when you just wanna freakin’ laugh.

Save yourself some time and some half-hearted laughs and watch these 15 funnies before starting and stopping anything else.

There is plenty Netflix comedy to go around!

1Speech & Debate


The cameos in this flick are out of control and the plot line will speak to anyone who wanted more from their high school experience. Three high schoolers who are sick and tired of the old fogies running their school with outdated policy, turn to the failed debate team to breathe new life back into their halls. Hilarity and empowerment ensues.

2Wild Oats


There was a bit of a mix-up when Shirley MacLaine’s Eva received her late husband’s life insurance check. A misprint of a couple extra zeros lands her and her best friend, played by American Horror Story’s Jessica Lange, on a high-class vacation filled with the finer things in life. But all good things must come to a hand-cuffed end, right?

3Carrie Pilby


It’s time to be enchanted by the extremely smart yet incredibly awkward Carrie Pilby. Having gone to Harvard at 14, she knows a thing or two about, well, everything — that is, except for most things revolving around being social and boys.

This funny yet poignant film stars Bel Powley, Nathan Lane, and Vanessa Bayer, who make for an indie comedy Holy Trinity.



You’ve seen Christopher Guest’s outrageous mockumentary Best In Show (also available on Netflix). So now move out of the world of neurotic dog owners and enter into the professional mascot field. Mascots delivers cringey interviews and a level of absurdity that only Guest can achieve.

5Young Frankenstein


From the mind of Mel Brooks, this classic work of comedic art starring Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, and Teri Garr, is not only hilarious but perfect for the fall season. The OG Dr. Frankenstein’s grandson wants no connection to his grandfather’s heinous experiments. But when he stumbles upon his grandfather’s medical diary, Dr. Frankenstein Jr. realizes his grandfather might have been onto something.

6Barakah Meets Barakah


Don’t let the trailer fool you. This film is actually a super sweet and humorous rom-com — the first ever out of Saudi Arabia. When a lower class man falls for an upperclass girl, all the expected tensions arise. This film, all shot within the timespan of a month, educates viewers on cultural norms while keeping things light with a constant string of wit.

7The Incredible Jessica James


Jessica James is trying hard to get over her ex, but he keeps popping up everywhere. She goes on rebound dates to seemingly no avail. But then she meets Boone, who doesn’t seem to fall into the same shallow category as the others. Plus, he calls her out on her brash behavior. But Boone has baggage of his own that might get in the way of their friendship.

8Eagle vs. Shark


They’re nerdy, they’re awkward, and they’re in love. When Jarrod tells his Lily he’s returning to his hometown to fight his childhood bully, their fresh romance is tested and they learn more facts about each other that might put their relationship in limbo.

9The Wedding Party


Truly the epitome of a comedy of errors, The Wedding Party is a nightmarish tale of a wedding reception gone wrong. We follow the members of the wedding party as they try to keep their cool in front of the bride and groom in a single 119-minute take so we’re never left out of any of the evening’s absurdity.

10He Even Has Your Eyes


In this French film, a French-African couple adopt a white baby. The reactions they receive from society, strangers, and their own family cause chaos and confusion in the new parents’ lives.

11The Babysitter


One part horror and one part campy teen movie, The Babysitter is a gory take on what happens in the house when the parents are away and the babysitter is left to play. Bella Thorne and Andrew Bachelor of Vine fame star in this flick that will leave you laughing and flinching at the same time.



We’ve seen the chaos that can happen during the wedding in The Wedding Party, but what about the chaos that can happen before the wedding even starts? Bachelorette stars Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, and Lizzy Caplin who play Rebel Wilson’s wild bridesmaids. This is legit just as funny if not funnier than Bridesmaids.

13Burn After Reading


Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand play two citizens who found some very valuable and top secret information just lying around in the locker room of their place of work. Together, they blackmail the nutty people who need the info and get involved in a tangled web of secrets and craziness.

14Little Evil


His stepson is the Devil incarnate and it’s up to Gary, played by Adam Scott, to save the world from the evil that is little Lucas. Of course, that’s a lot easier said than done.



Frank wears a papier-mâché 24/7 head to conceal his real face, yet is the frontman for an up and coming band set to perform at South by Southwest. In order to gain fame, the head may need to go. Will Frank give into his new bandmate’s request for him to reveal his face to gain the recognition he deserves?

You have quite the lineup in front of you, so get to watching!

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