15 empowering, badass names for baby girls

Any girl being born in this era needs to be set up with enough feminist gusto to grow into a powerful woman who is ready to take charge. Choosing an empowering name for your daughter is a great first step to cultivate her future feminism. We’ve compiled a list of some empowering, unique names that will give your daughter character and strength to be the best woman she can be.

Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the empowering name iceberg. We hope you get inspired to do some more research into names that have meanings pertaining to strength, power, and wisdom.


Artemis was the Ancient Greek Goddess of the hunt, childbirth, and nature. She was admired by many men, yet never needed a man to rescue her or provide her with pleasure. Artemis rescued herself and other women who needed her.


The name of the 12th-century queen of Jerusalem, Melisende means “strong in work.” It also sounds similar to the name of our favorite Game of Thrones Lord of Light worshipper, Melisandre.


Meaning “industrious and hardworking,” the most famous Amelia — Amelia Earhart — was just that. Combined from two medieval names, Emilia and Amalia, Amelia is also the name of the patron Saint Amelia, saint of farmers and fishermen.

4Gertrude/ Trudy

Both Gertrude and Trudy are German names meaning “spear of strength.” Gertrude in Norse mythology is the Goddess of Charity, and the name was later used in Shakespeare’s Hamlet for Hamlet’s mother.

Although Gertrude sounds a bit dated, the nickname Trudy is more modern-sounding and lighthearted.


Most likely the feminine of the Latin name, Viator, Beatrix means “voyager, traveller.” If you decided to call your daughter Bea, that nickname means “bringer of joy.” And who is more badass than Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill?


A unisex name, Isa is a German name meaning “strong-willed” and is also an Arabic form of Jesus.


Jaiyana is an Arabic name that means “strength” when translated to English. Remove the “J” and you have Aiyana, a Native American name meaning “Eternal blossom.”

8Mildred/ Millie

An English name meaning “gentle strength,” Mildred was also the name of an 8th century English Saint Mildred who was known for her compassion for the poor and rejected. The nickname Millie is increasing in popularity thanks to Millie Bobby Brown who rose to fame thanks to Stranger Things.


The feminine form of Kendrick, Kendra is a blended English name meaning “fearless leader.” This name is derived from Ken, meaning “royal obligation,” and Sandra, meaning “protector of man.” Kendra will protect and lead us all.


Meaning “strength or exalted one,” Bridget is an Anglicized version of Brighid, the famous Irish Goddess and Saint of childbirth, healing, inspiration, fire, and hearth.


Not only does the name Gloria mean “glory” in Latin, but it’s also the name of one of the most iconic feminist leaders in history, Gloria Steinem.


An Islamic name for “glorious and powerful.” Maajida also gives parents plenty of pet name options like Maaji or Jida.


The female form of Emerson, this name means “bravery or powerful.” This name was supposedly brought to England by the French after the Norman Invasion. There are a myriad of nicknames that go with Emersyn like, Emmy, Em, or Merry.


Natalia actually means “Christmas Day” in Latin. But we like this name because of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in The Avengers. Naming your daughter after a superhero would earn you a cool parent award in our eyes.


Derived from the French name Valeria meaning “strength, health,” Valerie is also in the Top 10 list of popular names in Colombia and Mexico.

We hope we’ve gotten your name inspiration juices flowing. While you’re researching, don’t be put off by gendered names — thinking outside the gender box can result in your daughter being an even more distinctive individual.

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