Halloween is fast approaching, so here are 15 cute dogs wearing Halloween costumes

Personally, I ask for one thing every Halloween — I ask my dog, a rescued Jack Russell mix, to wear a costume for Halloween. Granted, there are some limitations — he’s not a fan of hoods, or hats, or anything that might fall right on his head. He also doesn’t like costumes with too much bulk to them. In fact, when he last wore a costume (a hamburger) he protested by refusing to move, not accepting of the brief amount of extra weight he had to carry. (For the record, the hamburger mainly consisted of airy stuffing.)

Since, I’ve mostly given up, as a majority of costumes fit into the “dog will hate this” category  — I love my dog, and I want him to be happy. And while I wish he’d make this annual sacrifice for me, I realize that he doesn’t understand how cute he looks, nor does he “get” costumes. To him, Halloween is just another day to bark at the door.


So, that’s why I’m glad that Instagram exists. At least I could look at other Halloween-themed dogs, and not just lament about the stubbornness of my own. Here are a few adorable cuties worth sharing on this Friday afternoon.

1. The Bewitching Pooch

Do I like this one because I know my own dog would knock that hat off immediately? Of course.

2. Vampire Pup 


This guy held his seasonal toy just the right way!

3. Superdog


Have no fear, Superdog is here!

4. Lil’ Boxer 


This isn’t a boxer, but a chihuahua! (I know, that joke wasn’t super great.)

5. Jedi Pup

The force is with this pooch.

6. Pumpkin Carrying Pup

This adorable outfit would also be pretty appropriate for Thanksgiving!

7. Ghost Dog

Listen, this dog could try to be spooky, but it’s just coming off as “adorable.”

8. Little Lion Pup

This guy probably has quite a mighty roar!

9. The Great Pumpkin Pup 

This costume looks like it was made for this guy!

10. Pirate Pooch

Arrr, matey!

10. Clown Dog

Now, this is one clown we’re definitely not afraid of!

11. Pandog

This cute Shepherd Husky wants to be a bear for the day!

12. Monster Pooch

This is one monster that can hide under our bed anytime.

13. Sassy Lion Pup

Uh, there are no words. Except for, “can I hang out with your dog sometime?” (I get the feeling we have a lot in common.)

14. Police Dog

This little dog is going to place you under arrest, for not providing enough belly rubs!

15. Monacle Dog

Guys, that’s it. This dog won Halloween. Seriously, this getup just can’t be beat.