15 Animals We All Want To Squeeze

According to Popular Science, cute, fluffy things frustrate us so much that we want to squeeze them. Scientists reason that when we see something cute, we initially want to take care of it. However, we get kind of aggressive when we realize we physically are not able to. Either that, or we just have too many positive emotions to handle, so we turn that energy into aggressiveness.

Either way, we all love cute animals and usually we feel the need to squeeze them for one reason or another. Here are my top fifteen picks for most squeezable animal babes:

15. Kittens

Even though kittens scratch, bite, hiss and ruin our favorites pairs of sandals, we still love them anyway. These meowing little balls of fluff have a special place in my heart because they’re so ridiculously cute. Try actually squeezing a kitten and you’ll pay, though.

14. Ducklings

Did you know that ducks have been domesticated as pets and farm animals for more than 500 years? So, if you were thinking about adopting a duck, then I say go for it.

13. Baby wolves

Maybe it’s just because I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones, but lately I’ve been thinking about how cool it would be to have a wolf as a pet. They’re protective, loyal, and smart. And totally wild. And would eat my face off, but whatever.

12. Piglets

Didn’t everyone want a pig after they saw Babe? Or Gordy? Talking pigs must have been really trendy at some point, because both of those movies came out in 1995. I definitely owned both of them.

11. Wombats

Wombat may seem cheerful and docile, but they’re actually pretty aggressive. Terrorized by Tasmanian devils and Dingos, these little guys are up against some wacky predators.

10. Bunnies

Did anyone read Bunnicula as a kid and develop a silly fear of bunnies? I’m not saying I did (okay, yes, I did), but that book was kind of creepy. A vampire bunny? Really? However, I outgrew my phase and grew to love bunnies once again because bunnies one of the most lovable creatures in the world!

9. Chinchillas

Chinchillas are so adorable! Unfortunately, many people think they make great fur coats, and as a result, chinchillas have become an endangered species.

8. Lemurs

Lemurs are my favorite animals to visit at the zoo because they’re so silly and constantly look like they have consumed way too much caffeine. 

7. Ferrets

Even though I’ve heard ferrets make terrible pets and are like cats but crazier and meaner, I still think these guys are pretty cute. Also, when ferrets get excited, they perform the “ferret war dance”  which is pretty endearing.

6. Basset Hounds

Basset hounds have really long ears in order to hold scent near their nose, which makes them excellent trackers. Can they track their way to some Girl Scout Cookies for me, is the real question.

5. Penguins

I just want to hug these round little birds and protect them from all of their predators! They happen to have a lot, actually. Leopard seals, sea lions, orcas, skuas, snakes, sharks, foxes, oil spills, and global warning are all threats to these playful animals.

4. Polar bears

Even though polar bears are darlings to look at, they definitely wouldn’t appreciate being squeezed because they are naturally very solitary animals. And they would totally eat you.

3. Raccoons

Even though raccoons are pesky tricksters, I’ve always secretly wished I had one as a pet. Unfortunately for me, raccoons carry a lot of diseases, like raccoon roundworm, which does not sound fun.

2. Red Panda

This red panda is probably thinking about young bamboo shoots and leaves (the most tender parts) because that is what this furry animal prefers to eat. None of that plebeian, tough, low-quality bamboo for them! They also take 13 hours looking for food, which is about five times as long as I would wait, so I am quite impressed.

1. Fennec Fox

These tiny foxes originate in Africa and shiver if it gets any colder than 68 degrees Fahrenheit. They also purr like cats when they’re happy, which makes me happy.

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