15 adorable photos of Albert the baby munchkin cat in case you needed a pick-me-up

It is so important to practice self care especially with the over saturation of social media. So we decided to create a compilation of 15 adorable photos of Albert the Baby Munchkin Cat to make you happy this weekend. Seriously who doesn’t love photos of cute cats? We know we do!

Albert is an Instagram famous munchkin cat with big, beautiful blue eyes and he is serving major face on the gram. With over 400,000 Instagram followers we couldn’t help but get sucked into his Instagram feed. Not only is he SUPER adorable, but we are so curious to find out how he gets so creative with his photos.

1 Albert Being a Guard 

Seriously what cat looks more menacing but still uber adorbale?!

2 Albert Stretching 

Can you imagine waking up every morning to do yoga with your cat? Don’t forget the matching mats!

3 Albert Practicing His Blue Steel 

Watch out Zoolander, Albert is coming for the blue steel throne!

4 Albert Frolicking in the Snow 

Brb, we have to google if Petco makes cat mittens.

5 Albert Climbing Trees 

Don’t worry about Albert’s safety, cats do have nine lives after all!

6 Albert Posing for Christmas Pictures 


Ugh not only do we miss Christmas, but now we wish we had a cat to dress in super cute clothes.

7 Albert Striking an Old Hollywood Pose 

There’s something so timeless about an old Hollywood film, we applaud Albert for his movie taste.

8 Albert having a Meow-tini at the Bar 

Albert likes his Meow-tini shaken not stirred!

9 Albert Looking Sharp While Texting His Lady Friends 

Didn’t they tell you that Albert was a savage?!

10 Albert Killing It in a Chambray Top 

We have to know Albert who are you wearing? Is that this seasons Gap or J.Crew?!

11 Albert Lounging  

Albert wants you to practice self care!

12 Albert Prepping for the Runway 


They don’t want Albert to be a supermodel, so you know what Albert is going to do? Be a Supermodel!

13 Albert First Day of Class 

The question is what is Albert’s favorite way to become the teacher’s pet.

14 Albert Playing Copycat 

Albert the Cat is a copycat!

15 Albert Baby Munchkin Cat Preparing for the Olympics 

The true question is Albert the Michael Phelps of cat swimming?

If you make it to the end of this list and you are absolutely swooning we think it’s safe to say that it is time for you to adopt a cat. They really are a man/woman’s best friend!

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