14 TV couples that ruined romance for you forever

Everything I know about relationships I learned from fictional characters on TV. I’m joking, but only kind of. There have been some awesome couples to share the screen throughout the years, and there really are important lessons I’ve taken away from certain episodes about romance, honesty and compromise. You win again, television. So without further adieu, here are 14 TV couples that officially ruined romance forever, and give us ALL of the #relationshipgoals.

Chandler & Monica, Friends
I know Ross and Rachel are the obvious choice here, but I’m all about Chandler and Monica’s relationship — or Mondler, as the Internet would say. Chandler and Monica are two characters who were amazing on their own, but became a total powerhouse when you put them together. Their relationship was honest, realistic and oh-so-sweet.

Steve & D.J., Full House
Guys, I was straight up in love with Steve for a good portion of the ‘90s. He was the kind of guy who could walk into your kitchen and drink your milk straight from the carton, and somehow, it made you love him even more. He was a good guy to D.J., and set the bar re-eally high for my future boyfriends to come. Remember when he came back at the end of the show to take D.J. to prom? Class act.

Eric & Tami, Friday Night Lights
Maybe it’s because of the whole football thing, but an overarching theme of Friday Night Lights is teamwork. Coach and Mrs. Coach are the ultimate team. They work together to solve problems, and when they don’t, there are consequences and readjustments. They’re loving, serious, sarcastic, silly, and so much more.

Brittany & Santana, Glee
I love, love, love these two, and am so happy their story lines led to a wedding. These characters went through a lot together, and in the end are just so happy knowing they have each other (and Lord Tubbington, of course). Brittany and Santana always sang the best songs together, and the ‘Landslide’ performance is one of my favorite moments in the entire series. Goosebumps!

Marshall & Lily, How I Met Your Mother
Throughout the show’s nine seasons, my favorite Marshall and Lily story is how they decided to spend the two weeks leading up to their wedding living apart, but secretly snuck out and met up at night. Because they just couldn’t stand to be apart from one another. Now that’s love!

Jim & Pam, The Office
What a wonderful example of the benefit of being friends first. Jim and Pam’s relationship was a long time coming, and the moments before the moment are what make us love them so much. Sometimes two people are just destined to be together, and this (fictional) couple perfectly demonstrates that.

George & Louise, The Jeffersons
Perhaps the most endearing nickname of all time is Weezie. (Just picture Sherman Hemsley yelling “Weezie!” at Isabel Sanford.) George loved to tease Weezie, play around and have fun with her, but it was always done out of love. Though both actors have since passed, I like to picture them living in Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv’s Bel Air mansion, which they bought in the Fresh Prince series finale — AS their characters.

Harry & Charlotte, Sex & the City
IMHO, the Harry/Charlotte is another overlooked couple. Carrie and Big are the obvious choice, but I still don’t trust Big 100%. Harry, on the other hand, has never given Charlotte a reason to worry. He puts his girls above all else. I mean, come on: The man once said, “It’s my lot in life to be surrounded by beautiful women.” Harry is one of a kind.

Adam & Kristina, Parenthood
Man, I miss the Bravermans. Of the entire Braverman Clan, Adam and Kristina have always been the most grounded. They have a profound respect and understanding for each other and their relationship deeply. They enjoy life’s high highs to the fullest, and tackle the low lows like Max’s Autism and Kristina’s breast cancer together.

Luke & Lorelai, Gilmore Girls
Luke and Lorelai are the modern Sam and Diane (of Cheers fame). They’re the will-they-or-won’t-they couple you know definitely WILL, and watching their relationship unfold and transform over the seasons is so much fun. Arguably, there isn’t a better couple that loves to drive each other crazy and push each others’ buttons. Plus, it was fun to watch him get so obviously jealous over her other boyfriends.

Cam & Mitchell, Modern Family
For a couple that’s known for their fantastical hijinks (clown costumes and Spider-Man outfits, anyone?), they’re also remarkably down to earth and real. The love they have for each other only burns brighter when they’re with Lily.

Ricky & Lucy, I Love Lucy
What is there to say about Ricky and Lucy that hasn’t already been said? He says one thing and she does the absolute zaniest opposite of it, but the dynamic just works for them. And then! Ricky turns around and dishes it right back to her. Every episode ends with a smile, a laugh and a hug. Even though Lucy and Ricky slept in separate beds (it was the times, you guys), they never went to sleep angry.

Cory & Topanga, Boy Meets World
I came of age with Cory and Topanga, and you guys, it ruined me. They basically grew up together, navigated the rocky waters of being a teen together and came out on the other side. They always knew they would have each other, and I resented my parents for not having the foresight to move to a house with my future soulmate next door.

Seth & Summer, The O.C.
This is another couple I came of age with. Seth defied the odds of high school caste systems and after a seriously intense courtship (that involved a hotdog stand), landed Summer, his dream girl. Dude even named his boat after her. Every time they thought it was over, they always found their way back to each other.

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