14 times Fat Louie from “The Princess Diaries” expressed what we were all thinking

All hail Amelia “Mia” Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, prinCESS of Genovia! The Princess Diaries is still important after all these years. Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews, Heather Matarazzo, Mandy Moore, and Caroline Goodall (and author Meg Cabot, of course) all played a part in creating such an honest and real movie for teen girls.

And even though Mia is a princess, she’s still so relatable. Mia is awkward but smart. She has the best support system: a hardworking single mom, a deeply caring grandmother, and a fiercely independent best friend. Mia encounters mean girls and the “popular” crowd, but they help her realize the importance of embracing her true self. We think it’s pretty important for teen girls to see the invisible girl become a princess. (Also, was Michael Moscovitz Mia’s true love? Discuss.)

But one of the most relatable characters in The Princess Diaries isn’t a human — he’s Mia’s black and white cat, Fat Louie.

Even though Fat Louie can’t talk, he just gets it. His facial expressions speak volumes, and we can tell he always knows exactly what’s going on. Now that The Princess Diaries 3 officially has a script, we sincerely hope it includes a role for Fat Louie. He’s a star!

The next time you need a reaction GIF, say it with Fat Louie. Here are 14 times he perfectly expressed what we were all thinking.

1. When you accidentally touch something you shouldn’t have.

“I don’t know who pushed that button, but it DEFINITELY wasn’t me. Nope, nope, nope. Not me.”

2. When something crazy happens on your favorite TV show.

“WHAT? Hannah Horvath is PREGNANT?!”

3. When you’re just so happy to be spending quality time with your BFF.


4. When someone says there’s food in the office kitchen.

“Did someone say leftover muffins?!”

5. When you call shotgun.

“If you’re touching the car, it counts!”

6. When you’re really ~feeling~ your new outfit.

“Does this crown make me look fat?”

7. When nobody laughs at your hilarious joke.

“Get it? Tooth-hurty? Like 2:30?”

8. When you and your bestie don’t need words to communicate.

*Says telepathically* “Girl, he’s DEFINITELY into you.”

9. When you suddenly realize that you want to go home and you leave without saying goodbye.


10. When it’s Monday morning and you can’t be bothered to get up.

“If you want this piece of paper, you’ll have to move me and get it yourself.”

11. When you approve of your BFF’s outfit.

“Yass, those red heels.”

12. When someone catches you not paying attention.

“Huh? Me? What? Yes. I mean, no.”

13. When you feel overwhelmed but are trying to play it cool.

“I’m breezy.”

14. When life is so crazy, you don’t even feel real.

“Is this real life?”

We love you, Fat Louie. You’re the real star of The Princess Diaries!

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