14 thoughts we always have while wrapping presents

It’s Christmas Eve! The cookies have been baked, the tree has been trimmed, and the stockings have been hung with care. The only thing left? Wrapping that mountain of presents that you so thoughtfully picked out.

But each year, we forget — and re-remember — that this holiday rite of passage is wayyy harder than it looks. And no matter how much preparation we do, the process of making presents look pretty never gets any easier.

If you can relate to this evergreen holiday struggle, scroll down to follow the emotional roller coaster that gift wrapping takes us on every holiday season. (Unless of course, you’re some kind of present whisperer.)

1. Okay, do we have everyone on the list??

2. OMG, we totally forgot someone and it’s Christmas Eve!!

3. We shall conquer the mall if it’s the last thing we do.

4. Okay, got the gifts. Now we need Mariah to get us grooving for the wrapping.

5. Time to set up our workstation. Tape, check. Scissors, check. We are OWNING THIS.

6. But which wrapping paper? They’re all pretty!

7. Aw yeah, one present down, Santa’s workshop’s got nothin’ on us!

8. We just cut the most perfect rectangle of paper out in history.


10. Ok, don’t panic. We can do this again. We can.

11. We will use everything we remember from geometry to cut this out right.

12. OR, we can do some shady tucking and snipping to get everything looking perfect.

13. *Staring at the finished product in admiration.*

14. Oh, that one is perfect. It’s getting the best spot under the tree. We are basically Santa’s little helper.

  Happy wrapping day, you guys!!