14 awesome pregnancy Halloween costumes that go *bump* (sorry, we had to) in the night

For moms-to-be who are presently pondering over the perfect Halloween costume to highlight your baby bump, allow us to thank you in advance for what will surely be the most inventive outfits of the season. From a thorough perusal of the ‘net, we’ve seen expectant moms go the gory route with the exposed, bloody baby limbs costumes, while one mom even used PokémonGO as inspiration by dressing her baby bump as a pokéball.

Whether you want to let everyone know about all the foods you’re craving, what pop culture moment best describes your pregnancy, or if you’re lazy AF but still want to show your baby bump some Halloween love, here’s a roundup of pregnancy Halloween costumes that awesomely go *bump* in the night.

This "Wrecking Ball" baby bump costume will continue to win Halloween for years to come:


Baby has bones and you wanna show 'em off:


This egg yolk costume is simply adorable:

When bae is the quarter to you and baby's gumball machine:

A truly artistic way of expressing how badly baby wants out:

Any expectant moms who are also Cubs fans should be all over this look:



TFW you want a drink so badly you have no choice but to dress up as a drinking game for Halloween:


Because avocados rule everything around us, even baby bumps:

A literal bun in the oven:

Keep it purple and sweet as Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory:

May the force be with your belly bump:

We're so here for this fierce mama bird protecting her egg:

This expectant mom's Wonder Woman costume is giving us life:


Because everyone knows Wilson was the best BFF ever:


Let the Halloween cuteness explosion begin!