14 Lisa Frank tattoos that will make you wish it was the ’90s again

When it came time to go back-to-school shopping in the ’90s, you settled for NO LESS than Lisa Frank everything. Folders, notebooks, erasers, pencils — you name it. Everything had to be all Lisa Frank, because how could you possibly get through another elementary school year without rainbow-coated baby animals on everything?

Even though it’s 2016 and you’re no longer a kid (*sob*), you can still profess your love to Lisa Frank — by getting a tattoo! Okay, even if you’re not a tattoo kind of gal, you can still take a look at these Lisa Frank tattoos and SWOON.

1. Like, this rainbow bumble bee making a pit stop on a black rose.

2. A wide-eyed cheetah cub in a DOILY HEART, OMG DID MY HEART JUST EXPLODE?

3. More wild cats AND a temporary tattoo option, if you’re not into getting permanently inked.

4. This unicorn tattoo is officially the antidote for sadness. 

5. Yes, this is a bear HUGGING ice-cream! Finally, someone who GETS it. 

6. ~*~My Lisa Frank milkshake tattoo brings all the boys to the yard~*~

7. Why get one Lisa Frank polar bear tat, when you can ALSO get a Lisa Frank Dalmatian tat as well?

8. This earnest seal is just TOO MUCH. It’s like she’s holding the weight of the world on her shoulders. It’s going to be okay, little seal.

9. We can’t get over this dainty ballerina bunny. She’s so POISED.

10. Who says Lisa Frank can’t do horror? Look at this freaky coyote against the backdrop of a rainbow moon!

11. Snacks are better when they’re Lisa Frank-ified

12. In case you needed to see the most ’90s thing ever today: Here are two aliens driving in their groovy VW bug and throwin’ peace signs.

13. If you can’t decide on a Lisa Frank tat, you could always get a Lisa Frank COLLAGE.

14. Wait, no, THIS is the most ’90s thing you’ll see today. A panda wearing overalls and painting with a bucket ‘o rainbow. Perfect.

If you’re not into tats at all, you could instead buy a Lisa Frank adult coloring book! According to the official Lisa Frank Instagram, they’re coming soon! YUSSS.