14 dresses from Modcloth that are sure to make you the most stylish guest at your coworker’s wedding

We are fully in the throes of wedding season, with all of the lovely trappings of tiny pastel mints, nosy roving mother-in-laws, and thirsty groomsmen struggling on the dance floor. Beyond wishing our friends and loved ones a happy marriage, we all know being the most stylish wedding guest is priority. After all, we can’t let Cheryl’s marriage overshadow the fact that we have a closet full of cute summer dresses ready for the wedding circuit (JK, we love you fictional Cheryl).

On the reals though, we know you weren’t born yesterday. So we’ll assume you’re familiar with the affordable and stylish online glories of ModCloth dresses. However, if you’re in the market for a killer wedding guest outfit, we have some favorite ModCloth beauties to guide you toward.

Go ahead and kick back and relax, while we bless you with 14 ModCloth dresses that’ll make you the belle of the ball (besides the BRIDE).

1The Defining Divine Midi Dress from ModCloth, $150

2The Era of Aplomb Shift Dress from ModCloth, $130

3The Exquisite Upon Entry Floral Dress from ModCloth, $120

4The Posh Prompting A-Line Dress from ModCloth, $75

5Windy City A-Line Dress from ModCloth, $75

6As An Aria Halter Maxi Dress from ModCloth, $120

7Memories in Motion Midi Dress from ModCloth, $100

8Vogue Vitality Fit and Flare Dress from ModCloth, $100

9Brilliance is Bliss Maxi Dress from ModCloth, $130

10Optimal Enchantment Lace Dress from ModCloth, $100

11Pleasant Presence Floral Dress from ModCloth, $120

12Culminate in Charm Midi Dress from ModCloth, $130

13Bliss In Bloom A-Line Dress from ModCloth, $90

14Inclined to Impress Maxi Dress from ModCloth, $80


Now you can be the foxiest person on the wedding dance floor, that is, aside from the bride and groom.

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