14 Beauty Resolutions To Make In 2014

My favorite time of year is that precious two week time-span when Christmas is right around the corner and the new year promises new dreams and hopes fulfilled. I love celebrating with friends and family and reflecting on the past year’s accomplishments and drawbacks. And resolving to make the next year even better with bigger goals to try and knock down.

It’s also a time to talk honestly with my clients about how we can plan their beauty regimen for the next year. Are we still going to work on growing their hair out or are we so over it? Are you still planning for a baby and saying no to colored roots? And do we still want to have you blonde by summer? Whatever your plans are, I have put a list together of some fun resolutions that all of us can make in 2014. Because if I’ve learned any big lessons this year, it’s that life doesn’t just happen to you… you have to make a resolution and a plan to get where you want to be! Ladies, here’s to a beautiful 2014!

1. Learn To Love It All

Because let’s face it: ladies who love themselves make us all feel great in their presence. There’s something incredibly inspiring and touching about a woman who understands and owns her beauty. A lot about the beauty industry runs skin deep, but I’m the first to say that how you view and carry yourself can change the way that anyone looks at you and how they see you. So look at all that you are, all that you’ve been blessed with and take it in. Because through 2014, you’re going to love it.

2. Find Your Face Shape

If you need some help on this, check out the column I wrote on how to style for your face shape. And to figure out what you are in the most simple way, pull all of your hair completely back off your face and study what shape you see. Then, ask your hairdresser how to color and style your hair the best for your face shape.

3. Take A Styling Lesson

I book them in Denver through my website and most cities have a slew of salons that book the same type of service. Bring your styling tools and spend an hour with an experienced hairdresser literally learning from a pro how to style your hair. Think of it as a dedicated hour with someone who has unlimited ideas and resources for you.

4. Buy A Blowdryer That Costs More Than $15

It truly is an investment. A cheap blowdryer doesn’t get as hot, is much heavier, and will most likely crap out on you in less than a year. The blowdryer I invested in about four years ago just died two weeks ago and it had given me four solid years of busy days and weeks behind the chair. Also, most professional blowdryer’s come with a diffuser and concentrator.

5. Study The Trends

Trends come and go, but fashion is forever…. so they say. But trends are just so fun! And a great way to introduce them into your style is to not go 100% with them. A new trend we are going to see for 2014 is more straight, sleek hair. But if you’ve been wearing your hair with lots of curl for years, that might seem kind of scary. So keep the volume, keep some movement in the style and some bend through the ends and you are so modern!

6. Spend Five More Minutes A Day

Add one small item to your beauty agenda every day. Throw on some Benefit Pore-fessional before your foundation for a cleaner look or throw on some lip gloss for a pop of color! You’ll be amazed what just five more minutes can do to make you feel more refreshed and ready for the day.

7. Pre-Book With Your Hairdresser

Especially if your hairdresser is in high demand, you need to book your appointment before six months have gone by and your hair is completely unruly and out of shape. Take her up on her offer to pre-book a few appointments in advance and if all else fails, at least your hair will be fab all year-long!

8. Read Up

It’s Not Really About The Hair by Tabatha Coffey is informative, hilarious and inspiring in explaining the beauty industry and all that comes with it. And Great Hair by Nick Arrojo is a go to guide for how to style, cut and color hair of all types and textures. And I think it’s about time you read this amazing resources and soak up the knowledge that each is filled with.

9. Rock A Leopard Print Shower Cap

Because washing your hair everyday is so 2010! But seriously, read my column on shampoo and conditioner so that you know all the reasons you should skip the shamp every other day or so. And then take yourself down to the nearest Ulta or Sally’s and purchase a shower cap (yes, they really come in leopard print) to keep your locks dry during daily showers.

10. Get Rid Of That Old Makeup

Throw out your dried mascara and that old blush you have literally never used. Hit up the Sephora or Mac counter in Nordstrom’s and commit to finding and using those makeup products that work for you. And toss or donate anything else that’s expired, dried up or just completely ridiculous.

11. Donate To Women’s Shelters

You know that collection of shampoos you’ve bought, tried and really only used once? Did you know you can most likely donate them to a local women’s shelter? Okay, so do that! And to go even above and beyond, did you know that even if you aren’t a licensed cosmetologist you can volunteer to paint nails and braid hair at a women’s shelter? Pay it forward this year by helping women in your area with the gift of beauty.

12. Chop It All Off

Or don’t. But do something! All of us have a beauty dream we’ve had for years but have never been gutsy enough to try. Blunt bangs, a pixie cut, going blonde… With trends this year being more bold and fashion forward, 2014 is the year to finally make your dream a reality. So, go for it!

13. Invest In Products That Work

How many times have you heard me say that salon professional products make a huge difference? They often have less chemicals, are more environmentally friendly and end up being cost effective over time given how concentrated the products are. Why waste money and time on products that don’t even do what you need them to? Now’s the time to take your hair care to the next level and ask your hairdresser what products she recommends.

14. Work It

Because none of this means anything unless you have the confidence to pull it off. So work it and work it daily. Believe that you are beautiful at home in your sweats and all dressed up during a night on the town. Seriously, nothing says confidence like a woman who knows her worth no matter what she’s wearing or how she’s styling her hair. And isn’t that really the true definition of beautiful anyways?

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