14 cute animals who are so damn sleepy, they can barely handle life

Sometimes when you least expect it, the urge to take a nap hits you out of nowhere. In that moment, you will accept sleep however you can get it, even if it means resting in a completely unnatural position like this adorable bulldog that was so sleepy it couldn’t be bothered to lie down. For people who realize nap time isn’t just for kids, getting in some extra shut-eye is always an alluring prospect, which is why we relate to this doggie’s tiredness on so many levels.

Obviously this sleepy pooch engaged in such vigorous activity that moving beyond a sitting position on the couch to rest comfortably in his designated dog spot was completely out of the question.


Ugh, doggie, we feel you. Seriously, our eyelids are barely getting the job done right now, as is the case with these animals that are so damn sleepy, they can barely handle life:

This horse understands that lying down feels so much better than sleeping while standing.

TFW someone opens the blinds WAY before you’re ready to wake up:


When your cat and dog are so friggin’ tired, they can’t effectively stunt for the ‘gram:

It’s OK, doggie. You can totally give into the sleep.

Blink and you’ll almost miss this sleepy meerkat:


This kitty’s struggle to prioritize is real AF:


*yawns* This cat seriously cannot with the demands of camping:

Being an early bird leads to this:


These pigs made a group project out of napping:

For when life on the farm is way tew much:

LOL. This hamster wants camera time so badly, it’s willing to film with one eye open:

Aw! Someone please get the bunny a blankie:

This bird’s sleepy pose is a neck cramp in the making:

Chinchilla’s sleepy side-eye says it all:

As champions of taking as many naps as possible, there's no time like the present to catch some Zs. Who else totally feels a nap coming on?

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