This 13-year-old girl turned Hillary Clinton’s concession speech into a beautiful pop ballad

When Hillary Clinton lost the election, women around the country felt a deep sadness for the first female president that could have been. But since then, women have turned their sadness into action. The Women’s March in January drew record crowds, but what’s more, young women and girls are feeling the inspirational vibes as well. One young woman in a music theory class in Santa Monica, California was given a musical assignment, and what she did blew us away.

Singer Isolde Fair took parts of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech and incorporated them into this beautifully inspirational ballad.

We love Isolde’s beautiful interpretation of Hillary’s words. Isolde specifically focused on the words, “to all the little girls out there,” which became the title of the song. Also, Isolde surrounded herself with some other incredible ladies playing string instruments and singing background vocals for “All the Little Girls.” Our favorite moment of the video comes in the later half when the girls hold up empowering signs.


We’re not going to lie. We definitely started tearing up. But we just love that Isolde and her fellow musical ladies used a school project to make an empowering statement.

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