13-Year-Old Rion Page Overcomes Disability to Impress ‘X Factor’ Judges

Rion Page is going to blow your mind and melt your heart. (There’s also a chance you may get a little weepy.) The 13-year-old curly-haired cutie from Jacksonville, FL, auditioned for the X Factor USA last week and charmed the pants off of all four judges. Rion grinned from ear-to-ear as she walked on stage in a killer pair of cowboy boots, and it was hard not to be instantly drawn in by her radiant positivity.

But as happy as she seems, Page hasn’t had it easy. The Florida teen is almost permanently blind in her right eye and has a condition called arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, which makes the joints in her hands curve in a debilitating way. Because of this, Page has had to learn how to do things very differently than most. Things that we often take for granted, like holding every day objects.

Page chose to sing “Blown Away,” by Carrie Underwood, which proved to be pretty apropos (because duh, she blew everyone away). She received an unanimous yes for her performance, bringing the crowd and the judges to their feet to applaud. She even managed to bring the nice out of Simon Cowell:

“I think you’re literally extraordinary,” he said.

(He thinks right.)

Watch Rion’s audition in the video below!


Featured image via YouTube