13 Weird Sweet Treats Around The World

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, or Christmas, I can never simply go to the store to pick up some cereal or laundry detergent without colliding into stockpiles of brightly thematic bags of candy. There is always a reason for candy.

There are all kinds of candies and sweets. Snickers, Reeses, Almond Joy, Starbursts — but you’ve already tried all of those. Here are some stranger treats that you won’t run into at your local Target:

1. Korovka from Russia

These rectangular prisms are made from condensed milk and kind of taste like caramel. I was surrounded by Korvokas (which literally mean “little cow” in Russian) when I was a kid, but they’re hard to find in the US unless you live near a European deli or have Russian friends and family who will smuggle them for you from Russia.

2. Barratt Shrimps and Bananas from the UK

This candy is very misleading because the shrimp gummies don’t actually taste like shrimp: they have more of a raspberry essence. Also, the combination of bananas and shrimp is a bit questionable, but I’ve seen stranger, I suppose.

3. Black and Gold Musk Flavored Sticks from Australia

I’m not sure what these are supposed to taste like besides perfume you can buy at the drug store for ninety-nine cents.

4. Thrills “Still Tastes Like Soap!” Candy from Canada

Thrills literally taste like soap. So if you’re ever being a smart-ass and your mom goes, “I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap,” because parents still say that, you can just tell her you’ll voluntarily eat these instead.

5. Wasabi Kit Kats from Japan

If you love Kit Kats and outrageously spicy things, this candy bar is just for you. I have a suspicion that it may even clear out your sinuses as well.

6. Lightning Bugs Gummy Candy from China

These gummies almost seem like regular gummies, but they’re not! Lightning Bugs come with a set of LED activated tweezers which you use to squeeze the bugs until they glow. Apparently the fun isn’t over when you’ve finished your pack of bugs. You can pick up other objects like erasers or raspberries with your tweezers and make them glow as well.

7. Scallop Candy from Japan

I can’t say that dried shellfish drenched in sweet sauce is my favorite dessert, but it’s certainly innovative.

8. Dragon’s Beard Candy from China

Dragon’s Beard is basically cotton candy but without all the nasty preservatives. Also, it looks like a piece of wizard beard, so win-win. It comes with peanuts, sesame seeds, chocolate, and coconut.

9. Brain Lickers Sour Liquid Candy from the UK

I guess the idea of sour liquid candy isn’t anything new or weird, but the idea of licking brains is certainly something. This would be an excellent party favor for a Walking Dead party. Just sayin’.

10. Hawick Balls from the UK (Scotland)

These little Macadamia nut-shaped candies are actually mints that are described to have a “lovely buttery flavor.” I’m not sure how well mint and butter go together, even though I like them both individually. At least the tin they come in is awesome.

11. Jalebi from India, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan (and several other countries in The Middle East)

I love these super-sweet syrupy treats! They’ll have these in any Indian market or international food store. If you’ve never tried them before, they are these slightly chewy, kind of crunchy bits of crystalized sugar.

12. Chocolate “sausage” (shokoladnaya kalbasa) from Russia

Kids loooove shokoladnaya kalbasa because it’s like eating a meal but that meal is made out of chocolate and nuts!

13. Orion Kočiči Jazyčky (“Kitten Tongues”) from Czech Republic

These are chocolates shaped like kitten tongues. I guess this is supposed to be adorable, but it’s actually pretty creepy. Is it just me, or do those two kittens seem NOT impressed?

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