13 ways to decorate pumpkins if you don’t want to deal with carving and messes

We can think of a couple of tasks that can easily put a damper on a Halloween fanatic’s holiday enthusiasm: carving pumpkins and cleaning up the mess. Honestly, those are both pretty tough jobs, which is why you see so many cool no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas floating around. Maybe you’re simply one of those creative types who’d rather skip the traditional carved pumpkin look for something more unique, or you’re a carving-challenged individual whose smiley face always comes out looking like a botched, toothless grin.

Either way, decorating for Halloween should be a stress-free activity that’s done while you happily sip on a pumpkin cheesecake frappucino instead of something you dread because of all the work that goes into cleaning up after you’ve handed out your last piece of candy.

Until a carving kit that comes with a person to clean up all the seeds and pulp afterwards hits the market, you can still make sure that you have some of the most creative pumpkins ever without cutting into them.

Honestly, we could think of some many simple ideas that wouldn’t take much effort. For example, throw a wig and ap air of falsies on your pumpkin and name it after your favorite pop diva. Or you could use some temporary tattoos to give your pumpkin an edge.

It doesn’t really matter which no-carve pumpkin decorating method you choose as long as you have fun (which cleaning up is not, obvi).

1Cover it with flowers.

Punch up your pumpkin design by giving it the real-life floral crown Snapchat filter treatment.

2Glam it up with glitter.


This gorgeous glittery pumpkin nearly steals the spotlight from Vanessa Hudgens.

3Paint it.

We’re all for using your Halloween décor to make an eye-catching artistic piece.

4Bedazzle it.

We are living for this pastel blue Cinderella-inspired pumpkin.

5Give it a hat and a mask.


This no-carved look makes creative use of buttons, a mask, and a fabulously embellished witch hat.

6Go with all black everything.

We can’t decide whether this blacked-out pumpkin is creepy or chic, but we’re definitely feelin’ it.

7Tape ’em up.

Covering your pumpkins in decorative tape is a really simple-yet-creative way to give them a festive makeover.

8Dress your pumpkin in a crochet cover-up.


They may not be carved, but your pumpkins will be cozy and fashionable in these crocheted covers by Etsy shop owner LiLGrandmasHopeChest.

9Button it up.

Another way to get creative with the use of buttons is to apply them to the surface of a pumpkin to spell out a Halloween-themed message.

10Add stickers.

We’re not all little pumpkin Picassos in the making so let’s not sleep on applying stickers for decoration. It’s a low-key, cost-friendly way to give your pumpkin unique looks. Also, this idea gets bonus points because there’s basically zero cleanup.

11Use feathers and beads.


There’s something undeniably elegant about these painted, bead-and-feather-laden pumpkins.

12Model it after your favorite animated character.

The kid in us is super enthusiastic about this Trolls-inspired pumpkin.

13Or your fave Sesame Street character.


The infamously cranky Sesame Street resident would probably find something to hate about this idea, but we happen to think this Oscar the Grouch-inspired pumpkin is absolutely brilliant.

There you have it! Feel free to skip the carving and the inevitably painful cleanup, and try out some of these awesome ideas. Since there will more than likely still be plenty of standard Jack-o-lanterns on display, you’ll be just fine if you go the less traditional route. Everyone you know will see your fabulously decorated and accessorized pumpkin and be tempted to beg for an invite to your Halloween party, which will undoubtedly be just as fierce.

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