13 very good dogs who will always be your friend, even when the world is ending

It’s not just us, right? If you’re feeling a little “Wait, is this really the end of days?” this weekend, you’re definitely not alone. At times like these, we all have different ways to approach self-care. Maybe it’s time to check out those new movies on Netflix right now to distract yourself. Or hunkering down in the kitchen to make a quick, comforting meal. Or, if you’re like us, hunkering down with your favorite very good dogs — whether they’re with you in real life, or somewhere beyond your screen.

If you can’t curl up with a canine friend of your own, we’ve got you covered. These very good dogs are here for you, and we’re pretty sure they hold the answers to surviving the end of the world.

Hello, it’s floof


Remember that viral vine of the very fluffy pup who thought he was Adele? With his camouflage skills, you will always be safe.

Nom nom nom…

This is Forrest. He is a Goldendoodle. Judging by his love for celery, we’re guessing he’ll make sure you always have healthy snacks.

Environmental warrior

Here is Teddy the Old English Sheepdog, just loving his life on Earth Day. With his help, we will save this planet.

A pup with a plan


This puppy is digging a hole. We suspect he has plans for an underground bunker, and we’re totally with him.

Koala dog

Manool comes from a family of very good dogs, and we love her. Just look at those wiggly ears. Wiggly!! Also, with that intense gaze, she’s in charge of all interrogations.


This is Bo. HE HAS A RAINCOAT. How many very good dogs do you know with weather preparedness skills like these?!

Snow dog

Hello, puppy. Did you catch that snowflake yourself? SO INTREPID!

What’s for lunch?


This is Shu, known across the internet as the Teddy Bear Dog. Shu will be in charge of catering. Or maybe just cuddling…

Tiny pug


This pug has excellent reflexes and can catch anything. (Except that person’s finger.)

Gathering supplies

Marnie is an elderly Shih Tzu, so she knows a thing or two about GETTING THINGS DONE.

Getaway driver


This is Daisy. As you can see, she is an excellent driver. Five star Uber rating, for sure.

Wine rest dog


The kind of dog we all need: a dog who can balance wine on her head.

The best First Dog


And of course, Bo Obama. Because we’re pretty sure he knows how to save us from anything.