13 signs you’ve fallen in love

So, you’ve fallen in love. And your heart can’t stop doing that thing it does when you think about their face, or their name, or their smile — that thing where it feels like confetti is bursting from your chest cavity, or like your lungs are about fall from the sky at a million miles per hour. You. Are. Smitten. And it can be overwhelming in the best, most magnificent way you never thought possible.

Sometimes, you’re so overwhelmed with how much you love this person, you’re not sure what to do with all these sparkling, happy thoughts. It can be a little crazy. But being in love is one of the best feelings there is, and it’s totally OK to relish in those feelings as much as you want.

Here are just some tell-tale signs that you’re totally head-over-heels in love:

1. The thought of being with them forever (or at least, for a very long, long time) doesn’t freak you out.

Normally, you probably need your space when it comes to significant others. Maybe you’ll be with them for three months, maybe you’ll be with them for three weeks. Who knows? Who’s to really say? But this special person — oh, you KNOW. You might even picture yourself growing old with them, and how it’ll be the most adorbs thing, ever. (And you’re probably right.)

2. You want to know every little, tiny, minuscule thing about them.

Their favorite brand of socks, their favorite afternoon snack, their feelings about Hawaii, their biggest fears, their favorite band in middle school, the most embarrassing thing they’ve ever done, stuff they find very, very inexplicably sad, their most cherished beach, who their parents are — the list goes on and on (and on).

3. Totally random stuff reminds you of them — for no reason whatsoever.

A cloud in the sky shaped like a sandwich (AWWWW HE/SHE TOLD ME THEY LIKED SANDWICHES), books you think they would probably dig, the color yellow (they once told you they cried when they heard the song “Yellow” by Coldplay, you’ve never forgotten about that tender moment between you two since). The connections are endless. You will find reasons to think of them.

4. You can spend the entire day at his/her apartment and you can’t think of a better place to be.

You could probably get a free ticket to Paris, and you’d just be all, “Thanks but no thanks.” You’re cool right where you are.

5. You feel safer around them.

Just their embrace, or the way they squeeze your hand when you’re walking to get ice-cream fills you with so much comfort, you want to sing a million songs.

6. You can’t stop listening to “our song.”

It’s on repeat. Until the end of time.

7. EVERYTHING is a sign that you’re destined to be together forever.

A pebble vaguely in the shape of a heart, the fact that both of you went to the same Bright Eyes concert in high-school. Ummm, fate just wants you two to be together, that’s all. No biggie.

8. The emotional wistfulness you experience when they’re not around is striking.

You miss them terribly. Even though it’s only been a day and a half since you last saw them.

9. You want them to borrow the things you love so they can love them, too.

Even if you’re the kind of person who hates to give away books and movies (I’m territorial too, I get it), you don’t feel the same way with this person. Everything of yours is everything of theirs. You want them to read your favorite novels, you want to enrich their lives and influence their tastes. You want to be the human person who introduces them to their newest obsessions and loves.

10. You’re not above cuddling with the hoodie they left behind at your apartment.

They just SMELL SO GOOD. No shame.

11. And OK, so maybe you check on their Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram more than twice a day.

So you like seeing what they’re up to and maybe who they’re with. So you’re a little curious. So you’ve fave’d like five things they’ve written on Twitter and pictures they’ve posted on Instagram. There’s nothing wrong with that, OK?

12. You could be surrounded by your best friends, having the best time, but a small part of you will wonder what they’re up to.

You even find yourself talking about them to your friends (nonstop). Le sigh.

13. You can actually tell you become a better version of yourself when they’re around you.

Best of all, this person not only makes you feel stupid-crazy-happy, but they make you feel smart. They make you feel clever, and powerful, and pretty, and funny, and perfect. This person you love has effortlessly transformed you into the human you’ve always wanted to be. And that’s just the most amazing feeling, really.

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