There’s a “13 Reasons Why” theory that suggest one of the kids is a GHOST — and it’s not Hannah

Since the first season of 13 Reasons Why ended, fans have been picking the series apart, looking for clues for things they may have missed the first time around. While some of the fan theories try and answer some of the biggest questions from the series (like, spoiler, whether or not Tyler shot Alex), others are downright wild.

We just stumbled across this 13 Reasons why fan theory about Tony that suggests he might um, not be real. As in, he’s a ghost. Crazy, right?

While, admittedly, this theory may have caused us to roll our eyes for a hot sec, the “guardian angel” symbolism definitely makes sense, even if you don’t necessarily think Tony is dead.


For starters, there’s a distance between Tony and the rest of the high schoolers. He’s supposedly one of their classmates, but he doesn’t really seem to interact with them. While most of the characters aren’t necessarily friends, they seem to interact on a regular basis, whether it be through having a mutual class, saying hi in the hallway, or even outright bullying. Tony, however, is simply *there*.

He’s also the one guiding everyone through the tapes, as Hannah entrusted him to do, despite not really being one of her friends during her life — as far as we know. As Elite Daily rightly noted, he’s literally the guardian angel of the tapes, and when he sees Clay struggling through them, he guides him.


Finally, as Refinery29 pointed out, Tony dresses like he’s from the 1950s. The way he dresses is both amazing and makes me think Christian Navarro should have had a role in Grease Live! (or hopefully in the inevitable revival of the iconic film). Seriously, Tony gives me some quietly studly, Michael-Carrington-from-Grease-2 vibes. In other words, he dresses like he’s a student of a different era, definitely not 2016. Maybe he died decades prior and haunts the school, making sure certain students live up to their potential? Who knows.

While I firmly believe that Tony is alive and well, I love both the ideas that he’s really from the ‘50s and that he’s a guardian angel for the main characters. Hopefully we’ll see more of him in Season 2!