It’s SO close to being official, so let’s go ahead and celebrate: “13 Reasons Why” is coming back for Season 2

While it hasn’t been *officially* announced yet, a second season for Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why is all but a sure thing. Upon its release, the show was not only critically acclaimed, it also quickly became a social media sensation. While the first season covers the entire plot from the novel of the same name, from which the series was adapted, both the cast and novel author Jay Asher have expressed interest in seeing where a second season would take its characters.

According to Deadline, Netflix is *this close* to giving the official a-okay for the series to be renewed. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix actually set up a writer’s room for the second season a few weeks ago, which means everything is chugging right along.

Additionally, it was recently announced that Ross Butler, who plays Zach Dempsey on 13 Reasons Why would be would be leaving The CW series Riverdale, where he recurs as Reggie Mantle, due to scheduling conflicts. If the cast is keeping their schedules free, it seems like a renewal is right around the corner.


The first season centered around Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) a high school student who is quietly grieving the loss of his co-worker and crush Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). Clay receives a box of tapes and uncovers the reasons why Hannah decided to end her life. As the first season progresses, we learn about various events that took place between Hannah and various classmates.

It also featured a talented ensemble cast including Butler, Miles Heizer, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn, and Christian Navarro as fellow high school students, ended with a number of cliffhangers that could easily be answered in a second season. While there’s been a debate about whether or not a second season is needed, an additional season could delve into how some of the other characters are struggling with the aftermath of Hannah’s death, the tapes, and their own mental health.


Among the many answers we hope to see in a second season are, whether or not (SPOILER) Alex (Heizer) survives his gunshot wound, Bryce (Justin Prentice) will be charged for the rapes of two characters, and what’s going on with Tyler’s gun arsenal (Devin Druid).

Hopefully we’ll know for sure about a second season soon so we can stop endlessly speculating!

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