It’s like…98% certain that Jeff is coming back for “13 Reasons Why” Season 2

Through it’s intricate storytelling technique, the Netflix Original series, 13 Reasons Why, is able to jump between different time periods — sometimes the action is in the present, sometimes it’s in the past, sometimes it’s all in Clay’s head.

Thanks to this approach to the show — based off a book by the same name — we’ve been able to see Hannah Baker alive, and a world without Hannah Baker. But, she’s not the only one we lost during Season 1. With the beloved series returning for Season 2, is there any chance we might be able to see Jeff back once again?

During season 1, we see Clay tutor the star-athlete and the two form a close bond. It’s Jeff who suggests that Clay go talk to Hannah at the school dance…and then, it’s tragically Jeff who dies after Sheri hits the stop sign on her way home from Jessica’s party. Clay has only just begun to come to grips with Jeff’s passing when Hannah leaves him as well. Considering we saw Hannah all throughout Season 1, and Katherine Langford is scheduled to return for Season 2, Jeff’s gotta come back again…right?

Well, surprise surprise, it turns out that Brandon Larracuente has already read the first episode of Season 2. YES. HelloGiggles talked to Brandon at the premiere for Netflix’s original Bloodline (which Brandon happens to be a part of as well — and also watch Bloodline, it’s great). And you don’t just read the first episode of a second season unless you’re going to be in it. 

While Brandon is quick to admit that he can’t say either way if he’s coming back or not, he’s happy to suggest he’d be game to return. “Considering the entire first season was all flashbacks, why not?” He explains.

Brandon also knew Jeff’s whole story going into the show.

"From the very first episode, I knew Jeff's fate. [I looked at the character like], 'I have this many episodes to make an impact on the show,' and from the reaction from the fans, I'm glad to see what I had going in worked and people connected with the character."

But, if he comes back for Season 2, Brandon isn’t looking for ‘Justice for Jeff.’

"Everyone played a part in Hannah's death, so justice for just not Jeff, but for [all of] them, would be wonderful."

We hope to see this justice, AND JEFF, back for Season 2. Cross your fingers.

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