In case you were wondering, here’s why fall is the very best season

Honest question, here: Why does summer get all the love? I mean, sure, sure, summer is nice. Getting to lay out in the sun by the beach, melty popsicles, sundresses. . . all of that is lovely. But I’ve got a confession to make. As summer rages on, I find myself wishing for fall, because fall truly takes the cake for Best Season Ever. If you don’t believe me, read on, then look me in the eye and try to tell me I’m wrong.

(Spoiler alert: you won’t be able to. Sorry not sorry.)

1. That very first crisp day

They say the first official day of fall is on the autumnal equinox, but we all know that the first ACTUAL day is when you step outside and realize that it’s time to go back inside and grab an extra layer of clothing. That slightly chilly breeze after a long, hot summer is absolutely magical.

2. It’s jacket season. . . 

Speaking of clothes, you can finally break out your fave fall jacket! Fall jackets aren’t as bulky as winter jackets and can add so much “flair” to your outfit, all while keeping you nice and cozy.

3. . . and boot season!

Sandals, step aside. Boots are the best footwear. Pulling those babies over leggings feels just SO good. Plus, there’s something so satisfying about the crunch your boots make on fallen leaves.

4. Fall flavors, yum

I’m a huge proponent of pumpkin-flavored anything, but even if you’re not too into the pumpkin spice extravaganza that’s all over coffee shops in the chiller months, there’s cinnamon, maple, almond, caramel. . . drooling a little just thinking about it, TBH.

5. Watching the leaves start to change. . . 

There’s nothing quite like seeing the first hints of bright color in an otherwise green landscape, because you know it’s the beginning of a gorgeous show put on by Mother Nature herself. Thanks, Mom.

6. . . . and witnessing the explosion of color unfold

Reds, oranges, yellows! And so many different shades! Fall trees are so unbelievably breathtaking, and knowing that the colors are temporary just makes us appreciate them all the more. It’s a reminder to stop and notice the beauty around us.

7. Apple picking

Going to an orchard to pick apples is not only serene — rows upon rows of trees adorned with gorgeous apples — but fun. Picking the perfect apples with your BFF or lovah and hauling ’em home to make apple pies is one of those things you never forget.

8. Jumping in piles of leaves

Oh, don’t make that face. They don’t revoke your adult license for jumping leaves. Why? Because it rocks.

9. Halloween decorations!

Nothing better than when you look around your neighborhood and notice things are starting to get a little *~*spooky*~*. Skeleton decorations, jack-o-lanterns on porch tops, ghosts hanging from trees. And there’s always that one neighbor who goes a little *too* overboard with the gory ones, but hey, gotta give ’em props for enthusiasm.

10. The (exciting) stress of picking out your *perfect* Halloween costume

Will it be punny, like the year you dressed as Facebook (face. . . book. . . lawlz)? Or a cute classic Halloween costume, like a cat or a witch? Will it involve witty political commentary? Or will it be a character from the Netflix series you binged last month? Yeah, probably Netflix, let’s be real.

11. Halloween parties with all your closest friends

Can’t beat showing up at a party with your BFFs dressed in your most awesome (probably Netflix-inspired) costume, secretly hoping there’s candy because you can’t stop thinking about the bowl of Reese’s you left outside for trick-or-treaters.


Watching that glorious movie all day, every day.

13. Cozy, oversized sweaters. . . 

My closet in the fall is pretty much sweater after sweater to pair with a comfy set of leggings. So perfect for curling up by the fire and reading a good book.

14. . . . and going to the thrift store to find said sweaters

It can be hard to find things like shorts and cute, well-fitting tanktops at Goodwill. But sweaters? IN ABUNDANCE. So many funky, vintage sweaters and cardigans to be found!

15. Bonfires

Sure, there are summer bonfires, but there’s something SO much better about fall bonfires. For one, it’s chilly, so you can wrap yourself up in a hoodie and gather close to the fire with all your friends and loved ones. (I never really understood summer bonfires. Why would you start a big giant fire when it’s already so hot outside?)

16. Apple cider


17. Breaking out your flannel sheets for the first time

Sure, they make it way harder to get out of bed in the morning, but they’re so cozy and SO WORTH IT.

18. Fall reminds us to be thankful 

We should always be grateful for what we have, but the Thanksgiving season really reminds us how wonderful our life truly is and how lucky we are to have our loved ones. (And also, it reminds us how great food is.)

Fall is rad. No question.

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