All the movies we’ll be binge-watching during ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween

Growing up means Halloween is less about the candy and costumes, and more about watching 13 straight nights of ABC Family. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Once again this year — for the 17th year —  ABC Family will roll out its 13 Nights of Halloween in the middle of October, giving us plenty to watch as we binge absolutely every single show on its lineup. You want to watch Harry Potter? Hunger Games? HOCUS POCUS? It’s all there, and we’re going to watch every last second of it.

The 13 Nights of Halloween kicks off on October 19th, and runs right up to the 31st. So go ahead and clear your schedule off completely for two weeks. This is what we’re going to be watching.

Night One, October 19th

The 13 nights actually kicks off middle of the day today, with back to back showings of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2 starting at 1:30pm. From there, it’s the be-all of Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus at 9pm, followed by Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride at midnight.

Night Two, October 20th

Want to watch Corpse Bride and Hocus Pocus again? Good, because they’re on at 4pm and 6pm respectively, followed by a Halloween episode of ABC Family’s Stitchers (in lieu of a Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode), and finally Casper to close out the night.

Night Three, October 21st

Casper‘s on again at 5pm. But following that, we’ve got a double showing of Adam’s Family, and then Adam’s Family Values, starting at 7pm. If you’re still awake after all of this, I Know What You Did Last Summer is on at midnight.

Night Four, October 22nd

How about a second showing of the Adam’s Family movies? They’re on again at 4pm and 6pm, and that leads right into The Hunger Games. Not really what jumps to mind when thinking about Halloween movies, but WE’LL TAKE IT. And once again, if you’re still awake after all of this, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is on at midnight.

Night Five, October 23rd

Hunger Games again at 5:30pm, and sure, why not? Then it’s Sleepy Hollow (the movie) on at 8:30pm, and Matilda on at midnight. Hey, can we get Matilda a little bit earlier in the day?

Night Six, October 24th

Night Six should really be day six, seeing as how on Saturday, everything kicks off at 7am. With Matilda. Ready for a full day of Halloween? At 9am, ParaNorman, 11am Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, 1pm The Nightmare Before Christmas, 2:30pm,  Casper 4:30pm, The Addams Family, 6:30pm Addams Family Values, 8:30 Monsters University, 11 p.m the Toy Story short Toy Story OF TERROR!, and finally, 11:30pm Hocus Pocus.

Night Seven, October 25th

Once again, another full day of programming, and a few different things in the mix. Wake up at 7am and watch ParaNorman, 9am Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, 11am  The Nightmare Before Christmas, 12:30pm Casper, 2:30pm The Addams Family, 4:30pm  Addams Family Values, 6:30pm Toy Story OF TERROR!, 7pm Monsters University, and lastly, 9:45pm Hocus Pocus.

Night Eight, October 26th

We’re back to just shows at night. Sleepy Hollow kicks everything off at 5:30pm, followed by Toy Story of TERROR!, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Frankenweenie at midnight.

Night Nine, October 27th

If you fell asleep before Frankenweenie at midnight, now you can watch it at 4pm. Then, it’s Nightmare Before Christmas at 6pm, Toy Story of TERROR!, Hocus Pocus, and lastly, ParaNorman.

Night Ten, October 28th

New movie alert on the 28th. In between ParaNorman, Hocus Pocus, and Casper, we’re getting Dark Shadows at 8:15pm.

Night Eleven, October 29th

If you still feel like you haven’t watched Casper, Hocus Pocus, and The Adam’s Family enough this year, you can watch them all again starting at 5pm.

Night Twelve, October 30th

Two different movies tonight, too. After Adam’s Family and Hocus Pocus, check out Poltergeist and Poltergeist: II The Other Side on at 8:30pm and 12am.

Night Thirteen, October 31st

And just like that, the 13 Nights of Halloween comes to a close. But first, we’ve got a full day of programming, once again on at Saturday, so don’t plan on doing anything all day. This last day kicks off at 7am with Batman, followed by Batman Returns. After that, 12:30pm Poltergeist, 3pm  Sleepy Hollow, 5:30pm  Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, 7pm Hocus Pocus, 9:15pm Hocus Pocus, and lastly, 11:30pm  Sleepy Hollow.


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