13 horror favorites to binge-watch on Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Yup, peep the date on your phone — the unluckiest day of the year has returned, but don’t get so paranoid that you can’t have some creepy fun.

When you think of think of Friday the 13th, what’s the first thing to come to mind? It could be black cats, bad luck, superstition, or even lining up for that $13 flash tattoo special. Other than Halloween, there’s no better time than Friday the 13th to binge-watch your horror favorites. From spooky TV shows to truly menacing films, I’ve rounded up 13 picks to ensure you have the ultimate movie marathon.

1American Horror Story

You name it (“it” being something terrifying), and American Horror Story has probably done it. The horror anthology is a quintessential pick for any creepy-themed binge-watch. With six seasons to choose from, hours will pass by quickly before you even realize it’s the 14th. Oh, and did I mention Evan Peters? Yes, please.

2The Final Girls

Have you ever wanted to star in a horror movie? The Final Girls shows you what happens when a group of friends gets transported from the theater into the film itself. Now wouldn’t that make an interesting Friday the 13th story?

3Stranger Things

If you love Winona Ryder, the ’80s, and science fiction, you’re bound to be a big fan of Netflix’s breakout hit of 2016, Stranger Things. Even if you’ve already devoured the entire season, it’ll be hard not to binge-watch the story of  The Upside Down all over again once you begin – trust me.

4Bates Motel

For fans of Psycho, Bates Motel is the prequel you’ve always wanted in your life. Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore put on outstanding performances, portraying the mother-son duo. This year marks the fifth and final season, so you’ll want to catch up before the premiere kicks off on February 20th.

5The Cabin In The Woods

Creepy cabin in the woods? Check. Zombies? Check. And an amazing, suspenseful story line? Check! These are just a few of the things that make The Cabin In The Woods great. The scares, humor, and twists and turns will have viewers coming back for more — so don’t be surprised if you watch this one more than once.

6The Babadook

The Babadook is the type of film that screams eerie. After reading a pop-up book one night, a mother and son begin to experience strange happenings. With beautiful cinematography and a story that will grip viewers, this pick shouldn’t be kept off your list.

7Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Need some comic relief? Or maybe horror movies aren’t quite your genre? Tucker and Dale vs. Evil should be your go-to. Gore meets comedy in this hilarious film that will guarantee constant laughter and a nightmare-free slumber.


Avid Netfliix viewers may have noticed Hush when scrolling through the horror options now and again. This movie takes terror to an all-new level as a masked man terrorizes Maddie, a deaf author living out in the middle of the woods. Viewers switch from Maddie’s perspective to the intruder’s in various instances in the film, which keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final frame rolls.

9The Ring

Two words: seven days. The Ring is the kind of film that isn’t easily forgotten. You might want to put your phone on silent for this one because you’ll probably be afraid to answer it after you watch.

10It Follows

It Follows is a horror film that fully defines originality, telling the story of a young woman followed by an “unstoppable force,” as Rolling Stone puts it. It’s frighteningly creepy, and viewers will likely be left looking over their shoulder. This flick definitely lives up to the hype, and you won’t regret giving this one a watch.


The Insidious franchise always has a way of sending a chill up my spine. While each film is equally terrifying, my favorite would have to be the original. Insidious has all of the classic horror movie elements that will surely leave viewers shaking in their boots. Plus, how can you forget the creepy tune of “tip toe through the window…”

12Lights Out

If you’re looking for one of the scariest movies of all time, Lights Out would be one of them. What started out as a short film has now transformed into a full-length feature that will leave you even more unsettled than before. Word to the wise: if you’re already afraid of the dark, this movie certainly isn’t going to help the cause. You might also want to keep a nightlight by your bed for the next few weeks. Just saying.

13Friday The 13th

Whether you’re getting a tattoo of the iconic hockey mask to mark the day, or you’re sitting down for a movie marathon, there’s no way I could avoid adding this classic franchise to the list. After all, Jason Voorhees is Friday the 13th. Question is: Which one will you watch first?