13 genius punny Halloween costumes that seriously have us giggling

While some people are all about ~scandalous~ costumes (no judgement here. Do your thing, lady!), sometimes you just want to make people laugh instead. There’s something about an awesome funny Halloween costume — or should we say punny Halloween costume?! — that makes us oh-so-happy. After all, nothing is quite as fun as a pun-inspired Halloween costume to really take your Halloweekend selfies to the next level. So if you’re still in need of a great costume, you’re in luck, because we found some ah-mazingly punny looks to inspire.

1. This “Taco Belle” pairing

2. And this epic take


3. These deviled eggs


4. This Hoptopus


5. This ~Smart Cookie~


6. Instagram Stories

7. This Rey of sunshine

8. This Dunkin donut

9. This Insta Gram

10. These French kisses


11. This beer on tap

12. This ah-mazing Netflix and Chill


13. This ceiling fan

We’re taking major notes for Halloween. Bring on the laughs!

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