These couples got married on Halloween, and the pics are nontraditional #WEDDINGGOALS

When you hear the phrase “I’m having a Halloween wedding,” chances are your mind goes to orange tablecloths, little bowls of candy corn, and the Monster Mash on repeat. While this, legit, sounds pretty fun (try and not smile when you hear “I was working in the laaab / late one night”), Halloween weddings can blow the roof off a party space and totally nail romance in a nontraditional way.

The room for creativity is undeniable, and we’re betting if you walked in to a “normal” wedding on Halloween night you’d be almost disappointed. Good news is, tons of brave people rise to the occasion of throwing a creepy cool wedding on Halloween, and thanks to the following pics, we’re kinda craving one ourselves. Scroll down and see what you think!

1Does the Headless Horseman get a +1?

2Yes to all of this.

3If you live for the creep factor that is Halloween…

Points if your bouquet includes a haunted porcelain baby doll.

4Embrace the Vegas wedding.

5A backdrop to die for:

6Morbidity is at home here.

7So scary…yet so perfect.

8We now pronounce you: Jason and Mrs. Jason.

The couple that slays together, stays together.

9Simple. elegant, and spooky.

10Who says you need a white dress?

11When a witch is your officiant:

12Time to vogue.

Gorgeous. And here’s one more, just because.

13Swap out the veil for a top hat…

If you were on the fence about all that a Halloween wedding could offer, we hope these shots provided some spooky sweet inspo and proof that, yeah, a Halloween wedding can be awesome. October doesn’t always mean big cheesy jack-o-laterns at every turn; it could also mean glossy black decor, dim lighting, moody fog, and lots of blood red roses. And they call June wedding season.

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