13 of the funniest buddy movies to watch with your bestie over winter break

There’s nothing better than taking some time after the holidays to unwind with your loved ones. And while your actual family can be great, it’s your chosen family that just get you. And, TBH, do you really need an excuse to hang with your bestie and digest all the decadent desserts you’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks? We didn’t think so.

As an added bonus, laughter can help work off some of those calories you’ve consumed over the holidays. So you’re basically getting in great shape while spending quality time with your favorite people. It’s an all-around win for everybody!

While there are a ton more heartwarming and hilarious movies that could make the list, here are 13 of our favorite buddy movies to enjoy with your BFF.

1The Heat

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are comedy perfection as these mismatched, crime-fighting partners.


A tested friendship has never been so funny as it is in this instant comedy classic.

3Hot Pursuit

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara deliver laugh after laugh in this awesome action comedy.

4Sunshine Cleaning

Both Emily Blunt and Amy Adams can do drama and comedy perfectly. And their talent shines brightly in this indie film.

5Pitch Perfect

As if we could have a list about buddy comedies without including one of the best (and most hilarious) #squadgoal movies in existence.

6Stage Door

If you’ve never heard of this classic film and are looking for something different to enjoy, this 1930s masterpiece has some of the most iconic actresses of all time sharing the screen in a timeless story.

7The Women

Long before Bridesmaids or Sex in the City, this all-female comedic cast was cracking up audiences and talking about relationships. In fact, you’ll never see a man on screen in this entire movie.

8First Wives Club

If you’ve got an inseparable group of three BFFs, you’ll all enjoy the hilarious shenanigans of this delightful trio.

9Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

Like we could have a list of buddy comedies and NOT include the inventors of Post-it notes. Pah-leeze! We will literally never get tired of watching this perfect bestie redemption movie.

10Bride Wars

Though the two women are at first pitted against each other (in a hilarious way), friendship wins in the end.


If you love raunchy comedy and you haven’t yet enjoyed this NSFW but oh-so LOL-worthy comedy, you’re in for a treat.

12Thelma and Louise

Obviously the ending isn’t exactly hilarious. But there are a lot of both heartwarming and truly delightful moments in this classic that basically redefined what it means to be someone’s best friend.

13Baby Mama

Tina and Amy at their finest. Need we say more?

Happy watching!

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