If you have acne and need some beauty inspo, here are 13 beauty gurus to follow

Beauty vlogger Kadeeja Khan really sparked a meaningful conversation about acne and makeup, and as we mentioned, we believe it is up to an individual on whether or not they want to cover up their acne.

In case you were looking for more inspiring acne-coverage tutorials, or are looking for super relatable beauty personalities who have struggled with acne, we have 13 beauty gurus to follow if you yourself have acne woes.

No matter how severe your acne is, each of these vloggers knows a thing or two about dealing with acne, as some videos break down their acne, and how cover it up.

Plus, it’s also humbling to see someone who has acne struggles (just like us) apply their makeup because sometimes the best makeup tutorials can seem a little unrealistic and superficial.

Besides, we all don’t wake up (or go to bed with) a full face of makeup on, so seeing a top vlogger be totally candid about their acne struggles is nothing short of refreshing.

So, whether your acne is moderate or severe, here are 13 acne vloggers to keep an eye on. Trust us, you’ll totally want to subscribe to their channels asap.



ElaineMokk’s YouTube channel is super helpful for those wanting to cover severe acne, as her Acne Coverage Foundation Routine video has a whopping 20 million views.

2Megan Dixon


If you are looking to cover up acne scarring and breakouts, Megan Dixon’s channel has a ton of videos on how to cover your pimples like a pro.

3Cassandra Bankson


Cassandra Bankson proves to be a refreshing (and helpful) voice on acne, as her “Acne Updates” and “Acne Coverage” section is full of acne information.



Whether you want to know what foundations to use for acne-prone skin or are curious to know what on earth your acne is telling you, MamiChula8153 has a video or two for you.



Great for those who have both rosacea and acne-prone skin, you’ll totally want to watch RajiOsahn’s foundation tutorials.



One of the best acne voices on YouTube, MyPaleSkin has tons of videos available for all sorts looks.

7Stephanie Lange


If you’re dealing with both acne and lots of redness, you’ll love Stephanie Lange’s ultra helpful Acne Coverage Foundation Routine.



Coverage severe acne is made simple thanks to Carly Humbert’s Acne Coverage Foundation Routine.



Acne-prone skin sufferers will love Leyla Rose’s relatable videos.

10Heidi Hamoud


If you’re looking for a fool-proof guide on how to conceal and correct your acne, you’ll totally want to check out Heidi Hamoud’s acne videos for sure.

11 Conagh Kathleen


If you like vloggers who have a humorous approach to acne, then you’ll totally love Conagh Kathleen’s super funny 10 Things Only People With Acne Understand video.

12Clarissa May


Those with extreme acne will love Clarissa May’s Severe Acne Coverage tutorial.



If you love drugstore makeup, then you’ll totally love this makeup video.

No matter how severe your acne is, any of these 13 beauty gurus are totally worth following — whether it’s for tips or relatability.

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