12-year-old “Logan” star Dafne Keen could be the next Millie Bobby Brown

It’s no secret that we love Millie Bobby Brown, aka Eleven from Stranger Things. But it looks like she may have some competition in the form of 12-year-old Logan star Dafne Keen, reported People. ICYMI, Logan came out yesterday, March 3rd, and is already a huge hit. To be exact, on its opening day, Logan made $33.1 million, according to Variety, among its 4,071 theater locations. W-o-w.

So who is Dafne Keen?

In Logan, she plays female Wolverine clone Laura Kinney (X-23). Hugh Jackman’s character, Logan, needs money to buy a boat. For the $50,000, he agrees to escort ill-tempered Laura to North Dakota. And you need to watch the movie to see what happens next…

At just over four-feet tall, Keen may be small in stature, but her performance is ~huge~ in the movie. Throughout Logan, Laura doesn’t say more than two dozen words, reported Vanity Fair. This further proves the strength of her acting ability — sometimes, less truly is more.

Here’s a visual for you, where Keen’s with costars Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman at a screening of Logan in New York last month.


Awwwwww. Here’s another one of Keen with Stewart and Jackman again, as well as director James Mangold. This is at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival from last month.


Super adorbs! Fun fact: Believe it or not, Logan was Keen’s film ~debut~ (!!!).

However, Keen does have an acting credit — on the UK/Spain TV series, The Refugees, which ran for a single-eight episode season in 2014, reported People. Keen’s father was in the show, too.

So how did Mangold find Keen for Logan? He asked UK casting director Priscilla John for help, according to Vanity Fair. The two had worked together on The Wolverine. What was Mangold looking for? Just a 12-year-old girl who can do martial arts, tumbling, and also has acrobatic skills, nbd. Oh, and she’s bilingual in English and Spanish.

John saw over 500 kids in England and Ireland, but was at a loss. She decided to expand her search and began looking in Spain. Her associate, Francesca Bradley, thought of Keen. The 12-year-old lives in Madrid with her British father, actor Will Keen (yes, from The Crown), and her Spanish mother, actress Maria Fernandez Ache.

“I had a good idea that this child was extremely special, and I would have been surprised if she hadn’t gotten it, John told Vanity Fair. “She had an innocence and a vulnerability, and I said to James, ‘People are going to fall in love with her.’

And that, they did — and will (in case you haven’t seen Logan yet). So while we still think no one can replace Millie Bobby Brown, Keen is definitely blowing our minds rn. And if you haven’t seen Logan, what are you waiting for?!