12-Year-Old Girl Kicked Off Football Team Because of Impure Thoughts: Why is This Still Happening?

Most schools choose to have non-integrated sports. While there are arguably logical reasons behind this, it certainly doesn’t mean girls (specifically) should be excluded just because a) the sport is not available to them, or b) the sport is taken away from them.

In Maddy Blythe’s case, she was recently removed from her Christian academy’s football team because the school’s CEO prayed on the subject matter and subsequently decided that her presence could evoke lustful thoughts within boys.

Strong Rock Christian School, located in Georgia, seemingly had no issues with Maddy’s participation with football until CEO Patrick Stuart told Maddy “that men and women are created equal but different, and he said that he prayed about it and it was the wrong thing to do.” Maddy replied by stating that this decision was “kind of crazy” and “very archaic.” Amen, sister. Let’s leave God and Bible out of this one, shall we?

Girls like Maddy, who can kick some serious ass on the field, should not be treated differently simply because they are female. If the school allowed her to play on the football team in the first place, then they should be consistent about their terms. If the CEO truly felt that there could be future sexual harassment issues, I would almost understand, but thus far there weren’t any problems whatsoever. Furthermore, if there were sexual harassment issues, this is always something to be discussed and handled with the harassers, not the victim. Stuart is simply prolonging gender stereotypes and essentially claiming that it’s immoral and not possible to allow a female to play a sport along with males.

It’s a pretty sad step backwards when a school punishes an ambitious young girl with hopes of attaining a football scholarship because her presence is apparently too sexually powerful and God doesn’t like that. It’s 2013, everyone! Let girls play football if they want to play football!  And if they look good doing it, then more power to them.

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