The internet is falling in love with this 12-year-old who delivered her baby brother

This girl will forever be the best sister in the world. While standing behind her mother in the delivery room, Jacee Dellapena expressed that she wanted to get a better look at her brother’s birth. The doctor suggested that Jacee lend a hand in the delivery, and the 12-year-old ended up delivering her baby brother, weeping with joy the entire time.

Our hearts cannot handle this much sisterly love!

The doctor was cool enough to guide 12-year-old Jacee through the entire delivery process, and she basically did the whole shebang herself! Jacee told her local news station that delivering brother Cayson was the best moment of her life.

And although her stepdad was looking forward to cutting the umbilical cord, Jacee beat him to it! Her stepdad had to admit that Jacee definitely won that honor.

Jacee originally wanted to be a veterinarian when she grows up, but her mother told the local news that she has a feeling Jacee might now be leaning more towards a career as an OBGYN. She could be the 12-year-old Doogie Howser, M.D. of the 21st century!

But before she dives into her professional life, we’re sure Jacee wants to spend some time with baby Cayson. By the looks of it, Jacee is already a pro at all things baby!

Congratulations to Jacee and her family on welcoming a healthy baby boy into the household! Jacee, we already know you’re the best sister in the world, and we’re certain you’ll make an excellent OBGYN! See you in the delivery room!

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