This 12-year-old boy learned to sew for a reason that has us BAWLING

While many 12-year-old boys spend their free time hanging with friends or participating in extracurriculars, one very special boy in Australia spends his time doing something unlike everyone else. Campbell Remess learned to sew to gift stuffed animals to sick children. Aaaand cue the tears.

When he was only 9-years-old, Remess taught himself how to sew.

Not because he had a particular interest in sewing, but because he wanted to help brighten the days of kids and adults in hospitals. Swoon.

It all started when he asked his parents if they could buy Christmas gifts for kids in the hospital. They weren’t able to because of the cost, so Remess took it upon himself to make his own gifts for them.

"I decided that I would make 1 present a day which is 365 a year and give them all away," Remess wrote on Facebook. "I have done this for two Christmases now and I love it.

Three years later, he’s still going strong. In 2016 alone, he has made over 450 stuffed animal gifts and raised $8,871 for various fundraisers under his organization Project 365 by Campbell.

He’s a kid with a plan, and we’re super impressed.

When he was first learning how to sew, it took him many hours to complete just one stuffed animal, but now he can complete one quickly and efficiently. He’d like to make them even quicker, which is why he has set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for a laser cutter.

Remess isn’t simply thoughtful and driven, his animals are legit incredible and gorgeous. He’s amazingly talented.

We are forever impressed with this young man, and hope he continues making the world a better place — one stuffed animal at a time.

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