12 Ways To Embarrass Me

Ever since I started using acronyms and, also, being in the world, I’ve noticed that my mom has been using my language, too. Maybe I’m the only 12-year-old with this “situation”, but I doubt it. Here are at 12 acronyms and phrases my mom has been using; also, you’ll notice I’m writing this for my Mom.

1. LOL

I know people like to use LOL, and I get it. But Mom, not everything I say makes you laugh out loud.


This means, in case you don’t know, I Love You So F-Word Much and the <3 is a heart. And really, I want to know, not just for my mom, but for everyone, why is the “F” necessary?


Stop. Just stop with the OMG. Again, is the “F” necessary?

4. 4EVA

Mom, just say “Forever.” That’s English. And it works.

5. NM HBU?

This is what people my age text each other when we’re checking in with each other  (Wassup is usually what we say) and it means, Not Much, How About You? It’s meant for us, Mom. Not grown-ups.


Best friends for life. BFF is okay. But, BFFL? Mom!

7. Bibi

This is how we type out Bye-bye. I don’t know who came up with it, but whoever she is, I heart her. But Mom, Bibi is not for grownups.

8. Hai

This is how we say Hi. Seriously. Don’t use it. Ever.

9. “I can’t even like OMG”

A phrase we (people my age) commonly use. And apparently, lately, on Instagram, so does my Mom.

10. Luv

This is Love. Luv is for 9-year-olds who have iPhones. No one else, especially not adults.

11. Tween

My Mom says this all the time when she’s referring to me. And IT’S EMBARRASSING, MOM!

12. When my mom uses the mouse emoji in triplets…

Please, Stahp. (That’s stop, BTW.)