12 tweets about the new Frank Ocean album that prove the internet cannot handle waiting anymore

How can an artist tell that fans are beyond exhausted with waiting for an album release? Well, one major clue would be when the internet creates a hashtag in the hopes of flushing said elusive performer out of a musical rabbit hole, basically like what hordes of increasingly impatient Frank Ocean fans have done with their #WhereisFrankOcean tweets.

Ocean has blessed us with some fantastic music in the way-too-distant past, so the pressing demand for more tunes from such a talented artist is totally understandable. However, it seems like all of this collective angst would better serve matters that are more worthy of a prematurely wrinkled brow and stress-related hair loss, like trying to figure out if feet contouring is really worth the trouble. If fans can simply shift their focus away from the mythical new Frank Ocean album and novel release that’s allegedly due this Friday, they’ll probably save themselves a ton of grief.

But judging by these anxious tweets, I get the feeling that this is one of the times where my sage advice will fall on deaf ears. Clearly, the internet is done with waiting on Ocean to get it together:

Some fans are barely suppressing their rage: false

While others have reached peak levels of IDGAFness: false

There are really high expectations wrought from frustration over waiting so damn long:

Meanwhile, others have aged considerably/had emotional breakdowns and epiphanies waiting on the album:



Sooo, what does Frank Ocean do again?


And for the millionth time, where TF is new album Frank? false