12 truths Chrissy Teigen’s Q&A on Twitter taught us about being famous

Our girl Chrissy Teigen always blesses us with the #facts, whether she’s revealing the not-so-pretty truth about what her body went through after giving birth to her baby girl Luna or telling the internet to lay off shaming new moms who want to go out to dinner. Seriously, she’s like an unstoppable vehicle of truth in beautiful human form and we can’t get enough of it – especially when she’s shamelessly dishing about what it’s like to be a celebrity.

The model/mom/social media queen graciously answered a ton of questions on Twitter about life in the spotlight and fortunately, her responses didn’t evoke any imagery from Kanye West’s “Famous” video (whew).

For anyone who plans on becoming famous anytime soon (or for those of you who are simply nosy like us), here’s what we learned from Teigen’s Twitter Q & A:

1.The Illuminati is a total sham (I still want to believe)


2. Asking out a celeb is awkward, even when you’re famous, too.


3. Celebrities are totally into Netflix and chill.


4. The number one perk of being a celebrity is…


5. Other the other hand, the paparazzi do a lot of waiting.


6.  Celebrity dramz is the real deal. (*squeals in excitement*)


7. Celebrity parents totally plan their kids’ love lives.


8.  Swag bags aren’t always as fabulous as they sound.


9. Celebrities do group chats — and they are are lit.


10. They buy toilet paper online.


11. Just because they’re super famous doesn’t make them immune to being starstruck by one of The Real Housewives.


12.  They assign aliases to their famous friends.


After scrolling through Teigen’s crash course in How it Feels to Be Fab and Famous: 101, we feel even closer to being a celebrity than the time we actually tried to live like Chrissy Teigen for five days.

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