12 Things Every Girl Does on Vacation

When we were little, vacation meant lugging one of those huge red coolers to the lake with our family, reluctantly getting slathered in Coppertone Baby sunscreen by our moms and then getting sunburned anyway because nobody really took sunscreen seriously in the early ‘90s. (Take it seriously now, guys! Reapply throughout the day!) Or maybe your family took a trip to Italy, and it was an amazing cultural experience where you ate real Italian food and visited the Pope. But now we’re all grown-up (or getting there), and most likely fund our own vacations, book our own hotel,s and plan our own week of relaxation and fun. It’s up to us to make the best of it. So what are most of us guilty of doing on vacation? Oh, a few things. But don’t worry, you’re on vacation. Anything goes (within reason)!

1. Pay for really expensive drinks with very little alcohol in them

Mandalay Bay in Vegas has THE BEST pina coladas. I drank like five one day, but nothing really happened to me except for a tummy ache because I probably consumed all of a shot and a half of rum. Resorts tend to rip you off, but who cares? Just keep ‘em coming.

2. Keep buying more and more sunscreen

You had a bottle, but you left it by the pool, so you buy another one. And then you forget you bought that one, so you buy another one. When you come home, you realize you now have six bottles of sunscreen.

3. Get nails done and Instagram “vacation nails!!!”

I know I’m guilty of showcasing my manicure on the Interwebz (and I learned from the best!). But if you got it, flaunt it, is what I say!

4. Eat really expensive food in a swimsuit

Order room service and indulge on lobster ravioli in bed. Hit up the hotel’s café after swimming in the pool all day and order a huge burger. This is the only time you can get away with going out to eat half naked.

5. Bring three trashy magazines and a novel, end up reading the magazines

Am I the only one who brings a fat Tolstoy novel and three women’s magazines and totally abandon Tolstoy in my suitcase?

6. Make a vacation mix that includes “Problem,” “Fancy” and “Get Lucky”

Who cares if we’re all thinking alike? A good soundtrack is key to making this time perfect.

7. Only pack maxi dresses, sandals, and wedges

Who needs pants? Or pencil skirts? Or blouses? Or any other clothes for that matter? It’s okay to go with flowy dresses you can quickly throw on over a swimsuit. And we all know wedges are like the upgraded, fancy version of sandals.

8. Or pack way too much.

You’re going to Florida for a week, but you pack enough clothes for a month because YOU NEVER KNOW. What if you’ll feel like wearing that Bebe dress you never actually wore? Maybe this is a good time to finally wear those overalls you bought. And what is the weather TRULY going to be like? Nobody really knows that. Pack all the things (just in case)!

9. Yelp every single location you think about visiting

Yelp your restaurants, your hotel, your theaters, your grocery stores, your donut shops, your coffee shops, your mall, your boutiques, I mean, you can never be too safe.

10. Accidentally sleep in until noon because of those insane light-blocking hotel curtains

We all tell ourselves we are going to wake up at 9am, no matter how many of those slushie Vegas drinks we’ve slurped down. But of course we sleep through our alarms, and it doesn’t help that it looks like night time with those thick canvas-like curtains in your hotel room. I mean, the body doesn’t know!

11. Wear sandals on a huge walk, want to die halfway through

Sandals may seem very comfortable at first. And they are! But only if you’re walking for, let’s say, a half mile tops. Anything past that will give you blisters.

12. Try to pack 1980982 things in a day

It’s your vacation, and you should spend it however you want! But remember to also relax!

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