12 struggles you know are real when you have prescription sunglasses

If you’re a human who solely wears glasses in order to see the world around you, chances are you have prescription sunglasses because sometimes it gets really bright out and your eyes need to be properly equipped. And while we prescription sunnies-wearers are thankful this technology exists, there are definitely downsides. You know, like…

1. Parking in an underground or a garage lot becomes a dangerous mission.


You go from searing white light to a cave filled with a lot of cars and these are cars you can potentially crash into because you are momentarily blinded by the light-to-dark transition.

2. Shopping a outdoor plazas is horrible.


It’s like wax on, wax off, except prescription glasses on, prescription glasses off. Except over and over and over again, and like, is going into Madewell worth it at this point?!

3. They’re expensive.


Like, car payment expensive. Like, two month’s worth of lunch expensive. For something you desperately NEED. It’s not fair.

4. Swimming and just general pool or beach time is a hassle.


Should you take your expensive-ass prescription glasses in the pool or beach? Because odds are, one of these times you’re going to drop your $300 shades into the flowing water and they will drift away from you like Wilson in Cast Away and you will cry and curse the gods FOREVER.

5. Your sunnies can be really thick and heavy and sometimes your blindness gets in the way of stylishness.


You can’t just be like, “Oh I would like this pair of Ray-Bans please,” because when you are vision-impaired, you don’t have as many options. You are given frames that can hold your thick AF lenses, and for a second, you wonder if you were actually given your mom’s sunglasses from the ’80s. Le fashion?

6. When your prescription changes just a little you either pay MORE money to get new lenses or you just wear your old prescription and live life a little blind.


Which is worse, really?

7. Sometimes, you forget to switch back to your regular glasses so you end up going inside wearing sunglasses and then people think you’re an asshole.


And you have to be like, “Haha, I left my glasses at home/in the car/at work and I swear I’m not just trying to be too cool, I SWEAR I CAN’T SEE VERY WELL PLEASE BELIEVE ME.”

8. You carry around two sets of glasses at all times. GAH.


Ugh, carrying things. Carrying multiple sets of things. So much work. So much responsibility.

9. No one can borrow them. Not really.


If your friend asks you to borrow a pair of sunglasses because the sun is scorching her eyeballs, you have to be the BAD GUY and tell her no she cannot because she will most likely get a headache wearing yours.

10. If people ask you to take your sunglasses off in a photo, you have to be THAT person and refuse.


Because you have no choice.

11. It feels like you’ve spent so much money on something you kinda hate.


Prescription sunglasses bring so many woes. SO MANY.

12. You get so jealous when everyone else has like 20 different pairs and you have one and it has to stay in fashion FOREVER.


You’re stuck with those round John Lennon-esque shades until you die, probably. Sorry.