12 photos of mosaic sushi that prove it’s the prettiest dish of them all

Ever find yourself staring at a plate of food that’s so picturesque you don’t want to eat it? Well, if that rarely happens, you’re not alone, but we can guarantee that if you were served these gorgeous plates of mosaic sushi, reaching for the wasabi wouldn’t be your first priority. After all, these yummy-looking dishes are what the #foodporn hashtag was made for.


Mosaic sushi doesn’t have the bizarre, WTF appeal of Dunkin’ Donuts sushi but it’s equally mesmerizing because it’s just so damn pretty. You don’t want to know how much time we’ve devoted to admiring the beauty of these plates. One of those nifty robots that makes sushi would come in rather handy right now because we need ALL OF THE BEAUTIFUL SUSHI NOW, PLEASE.


Obviously, sushi is everything and then some, but these pictures take our obsession to an entirely different level.  Feel free to fawn now and thank us later: