12 #NationalCandyCornDay tweets that prove candy corn is the most divisive treat of all time

When you think of candy corn, what comes to mind? While it’s a popular treat for Halloween, others have a bit of a distaste for it. That’s why these #NationalCandyCornDay tweets are wonderful. Some choose to stand by the classic, while others — well, they have some words.

National Candy Corn Day falls on October 30th every year, and it’s a good reminder that the sweet has been around for quite some time. After being invented by George Renninger of Wunderle Candy Company back in the 1800’s, it’s almost synonymous with Halloween. Sure, kids don’t typically find loose candies in their bag when they trick-or-treat (or at least, they shouldn’t) but it’s often out in candy dishes. Plus, it’s included in a lot of Halloween decor.

In order to celebrate, candy connoisseurs decided to share their thoughts on Twitter. Some people were incredibly positive.







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While others feel as if the holiday isn’t totally well deserved.

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It seems as if there’s no middle ground when it comes to the candy. That, or the people who feel neutral over them don’t feel the need to speak up. And, we get it — it just simply isn’t for everyone.

One thing’s for sure — even if you’re not a fan of it, you have to admit that the colors remind you of autumn. Even though chocolates somewhat rule the trick-or-treating basket, they just don’t have the bright beauty that candy corn does. Which is probably, again, why so much holiday decor depends on the snack to help illustrate the season. Whether or not you decide to grab a handful of candy corn in celebration is simply your call to make.

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