12 last-minute gifts for your dad that he will legit be excited to get

You are a master of the Christmas season. You’ve got the rest of your holiday list down: The presents are wrapped to perfection, the cards are lovingly filled out, and all that’s left is to relax with a nice tall glass of eggnog. There’s just one person left on your list that you haven’t been able to find the perfect gift for: your father. Before you start beating yourself up for being a terrible daughter (or just get him a pair of socks and call it a day), take a breath: here are some phenomenal last-minute gifts for your dad that are sure to make his Christmas merry and bright.

1A Manly Subscription Box

This isn’t a normal subscription box; you actually have to break into it to get your monthly goodies. If your dad is an alpha-male (or just enjoys the challenge), this tongue-in-cheek subscription is right up his alley.

2High-Tech Golf Gear

If your dad is devoted to the putting green and loves high-tech gadgets, this gift could be a match made in heaven. It tracks his progress on the golf course and helps him improve his game. Get ready to be his favorite kid.


Does your dad consider himself a fix-it pro? Is he always stopping by to help you with household problems? Then make him feel like your personal hero with some fancy tools. These last-minute gifts for your dad are useful and look cool. Best of all, he can show off his prowess next time he comes by to unclog the sink.


If your dad always has his nose in a book, grab an assortment of fancy hardcovers to keep his reading list full. Just don’t go for any joke books — dads don’t need any help in that department.

5Beer-Making Kit

Some dads have a scientific bent (or just enjoy a really excellent home brew). This kit will keep your father busy, and you two can bond over what he concocts.

6The Millenium Falcon


OK, not the actual ship. But if your dad was wild about the original series (or better yet, took you as a child), then this multi-tool could serve as a sweet and useful reminder of a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.


Hey, you got your sweet tooth from somewhere! Celebrate your shared love of snacking with these tasty last-minute gifts for your dad. Just make sure not to sample it yourself before you finish wrapping.


If your dad considers himself the ruler of the grill every summer, give him an upgrade with this small portable option. It has all the power he craves, and you’ll be rewarded with some top-notch burgers at the next family gathering.

9Mad Men


Odds are that your dad was a big fan of this show (particularly if he grew up in that era), and the boxed set is packed with fancy goodies he’ll love. Besides the entire series he’ll get some tumblers, coasters, and a behind-the-scenes book. Perfect for all his binge-watching needs. As far as last-minute gifts for your dad go, this one is the whole package.

10Shaving club

Guys like to look nice too, and this monthly kit will keep bearded dads feeling their best. He’ll look sharp and get a monthly reminder of how much you care. Win, win!

11Sports gear

If your dad is a sports fan you probably already know his favorite team, so grab some last-minute gifts for your dad in the form of some great gear. Get him a jersey, hat, and anything else that will show off his beloved team.


A really elegant bottle of bourbon or Scotch is always a classy option. These could be the perfect last-minute gifts for your dad (especially if you’re down to the wire and out of ideas). If you’re not sure of his preferred drink, go with something classic — no weird new mixed drinks for Dad!