Hilarious reactions to the fact that Mercury is finally out of retrograde

Mercury is finally out of retrograde! We’re peering out from beneath our blankets. Is that sunlight?! Yes! Turn the computers back on! Start the coffee maker! Pay that bill! Call mom and dad! We’re alive, and we’re well! We made it!

Mercury went retrograde on August 30, 2016, and direct September 21 at 10:31pm. For those of you not in the astrological-know, that basically means that everything’s been haywire for almost a month. Own a smart phone? A television? Any electronics at all? How about a language – do you know one and use it to communicate? Do you recall feeling misunderstood at all over the last three or so weeks? Or having anything break on you, unexpectedly and most infuriatingly? Yep, Mercury retrograde. But now it’s over, and we’re celebrating. Here are all the ways:

Crawling to the finish.

And it feels SO GOOD.

The visual is PERFECT.

Spencer’s always plotting something.

The Fault is NOT in the stars.

March on to the light.

Happy Feet.

Powerful as a plaid jumpsuit.

No more weird pass-the-blame game!


But mostly, this-