12 funny tweets about 2016 that prove absolutely everyone is ready for this year to be over

Let’s face it: If we could have known what a bummer of year 2016 would shape up to be, we would have just slept through it. Though it had its ups — Lemonade, PokémonGo, Hamilton’s one thousand Tony Awards — the downs just plowed right on through: countless celebrity deaths, constant political media frenzy, and another season of Fuller House. (Leave it be, Netflix. You tried.) We were denied a peaceful holiday season this year, what with hate crimes and downright frightening cabinet appointments being made every other day, deepening our fear that this year may be a collective step backward than forward.

But perhaps there’s a small offering of solace left at the end of the day, and that’s that 2016 sucked for everybody, and we’re pretty much all ready to see if slide off into the past. This year will go down in history as the one we all wanted to put in rice overnight. 

As a last attempt at some group therapy, why don’t we try to laugh at 2016’s nightmarish chaos by wrangling up some sad but true Twitter (and one ‘gram!) proclamations? Or just go back to bed to watch puppy videos on our phones? Both are good. 

Daaaaamn Daniel! Back at it again with the proof that this year should end ASAP.





This (NSFW!) video does a pretty good job of defining this garbage heap of a year:


Please be better 2017. The bar is so low; all you have to do is keep an eye on Betty White and we’re golden.

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