12 Fanciest Lemonades for Your Adult Summer BBQ

You know what’s even better than lemonade? Boozy lemonade. Zesty, sour-but-sweet, chilled lemonade. I’m not sure where you live, but it’s been over 90 degrees every day where I live, and you best believe I’ve been chugging ice-cold beverages. And if I have the option to stir in a few shots of vodka, then so be it. Since it’s BBQ season and we know you’re gonna be thirsty, we thought we would round up some of the most refreshing, honestly delicious hard lemonade recipes out there.

1. Spiked blueberry lemonade

Recipe from: Krystal’s Kitsch

I’m a sucker for anything that has champagne and the word “berry” in it, and this recipe contains all of these things. All you need is Simply Blueberry Lemonade (pre-made!), some champagne, and fresh blueberries.

2. Kiwi watermelon lemonade

Recipe from: All Women Stalk

This lemonade is made of my college freshman dreams. It’s vibrant, almost entirely artificial, and the alcohol content is a-plenty.

3. Spiked mint lemonade

Recipe from: Carla’s Confections

This lemonade recipe is a little more down-to-earth. All you need are lemons, water, sugar, mint leaves, and vodka. This cocktail is very Great Gatsby Goes on Summer Vacation.

4. Nantucket lemonade

Recipe from: iVillage

Oh, hello, new favorite drink. This recipe calls for lemonade (homemade or pre-made), cranberry juice, lime juice, ginger ale (whoa, getting kind of wild here) and vodka. I’m a cranberry-vodka girl already, so I like the sounds of the additional citrus and sugar.

5. Blackberry bourbon lemonade

Recipe from: Bake Your Day

I know, it was about time we got some bourbon up in here. Although drinking bourbon makes me feel like a saucy grandpa, it actually tastes delicious with blackberries, simple syrup, mint, lemons, and a few sprinkles of cardamom.

6. Spiked cherry lemonade

Recipe from: Sweet Paul

Who knew cherries and rum could be so divine? This craft cocktail is everything you’ve dreamed of and more. Best of all, it doesn’t even taste like a cocktail. Dangerous, yes. But it’s a risk we’re willing to take.

7. Sparkling raspberry lemonade sangria

Recipe from: Home Sweet Jones

In my social circles, “sangria” just means “let’s add whatever produce and juice leftovers we have to this really cheap wine.” This sangria recipe is a little more dainty than what I’m used to, but it’s pretty incredible. Sparkling white wine, fresh raspberries, Triple Sec, lemons? Yaassss.

8. Peach lemonade

Recipe from: The Cookie Rookie

Peaches essentially embody what is summer, so I knew I had to include a peach-lemonade recipe! All you need is a bag of frozen peaches (frozen fruits sometimes have more flavor than fresh, but it’s up to you), lemonade from concentrate, water, and vodka.

9. Vodka-thyme lemonade

Recipe from: Martha Stewart

If this drink was wearing an outfit, you KNOW it would be sporting one of those perfect made-to-look-vintage dresses from Anthropologie along with pale-pink ballet flats. Like, it’s THAT kind of drink. Luckily, it’s simple and cheap to make, so I guess we can have it all.

10. Watermelon-mint lemonade

Recipe from: Host the Toast

Watermelon and mint are the perfect couple. I mean, have you ever tried a watermelon-mint salad that wasn’t stupendous? Or a watermelon-drink juice that didn’t totally blow your mind? Think about how amazing watermelon and mint are with some lemon juice and liquor.

11. Honey ginger lemonade

Recipe from: Gourmande in the Kitchen

This drink reminds me of a substance I would pay 13 dollars for at a trendy, rustic bar. Luckily for us, it costs way less to make, AND you will still feel like a super fancy lady. Although this recipe calls for vodka, you can easily substitute it with some whiskey (Maker’s Mark is my favorite), which pairs well with honey and lemons.

12. Lavender lemonade

Recipe from: Miss Make 

I’m obsessed with lavender lemonade. It makes me feel so refreshed, yet calm; it’s like taking a shower and then basking in a heavily air-conditioned room. This is what this drink is and MORE. Plus, you get to learn how to make lavender simple syrup. It’s the small things in life, guys.