12 easy gluten free desserts to wow your family this Thanksgiving

We love sweets, and we seriously feel for our gluten free friends who struggle to appease their sweet tooth in a world where so many desserts have gluten. Luckily, there are now tons of delicious gluten free desserts to choose from, but so many amazing gluten free desserts are either too expensive to make, or too complicated. With Thanksgiving coming up oh-so-soon, we wanted to make sure we had a solid starting point so we can wow our families with our easy gluten free desserts.

Here are some gluten free Thanksgiving dessert recipes we love!

1. These perfect crumbly gluten-free vegan scones


2. This salted caramel ice cream with chocolate plus rainbow sprinkles

3. This chocolate dome with flourless chocolate cake, berries, & passionfruit caramel sauce

4. These chocolate fudge yogurt holiday cookies

5. These totally decadent chocolate muffins

6. These peanut butter cup stuffed chocolate chip cookies

7. These super gooey and delicious s’mores with s’mores ice cream

8. These no-bake vegan coffee cream squares


9. These gingerbread mini donuts are perfectly bite-sized, and so cute


10. This vegan chocolate cream pie


11. These stovetop candied almonds

12. This pumpkin cheesecake looks ah-mazing

Like, how yummy do those look? TG for these perfectly easy gluten free desserts.