12 dreamy watercolor tattoos that seriously don’t even look like real tattoos

If you’ve always wanted a beautiful floral tattoo or watercolor piece but don’t like how intense (though beautiful!) they sometimes look, we have the *perfect* tattoo artist for you. Beyond delicate and hardly visible, the tattoos by Seoul-born artist Hongdam are incredibly light and stunning. We love the way that these tattoos seem to fade right into the skin while adding a gorgeous touch of color.

Here are a few of our favorite watercolor tattoos by Hongdam.

1. This soft fox

With a little peach!

2. This beautiful rose

Yes, yes, yes.

3. This barely-there candle

Truly amazing.

4. The artist’s mother’s stunning ode

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

5. This lovely branch


So, so subtle.

6. These rose and lily watercolor tattoos


Love the colors.

7. These beautiful plants

Absolutely killer.

8. These drawings

So unique.

9. This Korean calligraphy


Truly beautiful.

10. This pinky promise

Perfect for your bestie.

11. This rose and script


We *really* love this.

12. This tiny triangle


So easy to hide.

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